Recently I fell into the self indulgent trap of doing one of those ‘post a photo’ a day viral social media things. The thing is, I really love doing them.

This one was basic enough, just post one of your favourite albums a day for ten days. Albums which really made an impact and are still on your rotation list. I did this from May 1 to May 10 on my instagram account and although over, thought it be nice to post the results here. If this sounds like fun, why not try it yourself?

Day 1 of 10 days. Blade Runner Soundtrack (Vangelis)

Blade Runner - Vangelis
Blade Runner – Vangelis

This is my favourite soundtrack (and my favourite film). I remember when I was a kid hearing this for the first time when I was staying over at my Nans. I thought I’d found the holy grail or something. That film stopped me in my tracks and the music would become my favourite escape.

Day 2 of 10 days. Low (David Bowie)

Low - David Bowie
Low – David Bowie

An amazing collaboration with Brian Eno. I love how they both utilised each others writing styles (experimentation/improvisation). It’s inspiring because it reminds me that you don’t always have to stick to rules, just guidelines. Also, out of all of the Bowie album covers, this is the one that always stood out to me.

Day 3 of 10 days. The Wall (Pink Floyd)

The Wall - Pink Floyd
The Wall – Pink Floyd

I was a late listener to this album. I kinda refused to let it take over me as compared to the likes of Dark Side of the Moon or Wish You Were Here it felt like too much work. A mate pushed me into giving it a good chance (thanks Pete) and I was hooked. It’s the first album I grab when I’m looking for inspiration for a new project and has been on heavy rotation for years. A work of genius right there!

Day 4 of 10 days. Riceboy Sleeps (Jónsi & Alex)

Riceboy Sleeps - Jonsi & Alex
Riceboy Sleeps – Jonsi & Alex

It might surprise some of you that I favour this over anything from Sigur Rós. This is pretty much my go to ambient album, a must for times when I feel like I need some calm. It’s absolutely beautiful throughout and I have this weird theory that I’ll live longer because of it.”

Day 5 of 10 days. Abbey Road (The Beatles)

Abbey Road - The Beatles
Abbey Road – The Beatles

Everybody has a favourite Beatles album and this is mine, what’s yours? From start to finish this is a magical crafted piece of art of which influences me every single day, just throw it on now, forever. Here’s a quote from Paul: “I don’t like people explaining albums. The only way you can explain it is to hear it. You can’t really use words about music, otherwise we’d do a talking album. ”

Day 6 of 10 days. Kid A (Radiohead)

KID A - Radiohead
KID A – Radiohead

What?! You didn’t pick *INSERT OTHER RADIOHEAD ALBUM HERE*. They’re all good but this one hit me like a total wave. Every time I listen to ’Everything In Its Right Place’ it feels like I’m putting on the glasses from They Live. The whole thing is magnificent. Also, best band ever.

Day 7 of 10 days. Rival Dealer (Burial)

Rival Dealer - Burial
Rival Dealer – Burial

But Stephen, that’s not an album, I think you’ll find it’s an Extended Pla.. SHUT IT! I make the rules here and this is on my list. When I heard this it was as though I’d joined a secret club/cult, it unlocked something within. I’m now a massive fan and buy everything he puts out. This messed me up, in a really good way. It’s such an inspiring record as it put me in a different place creatively.

Day 8 of 10 days. Funeral (Arcade Fire)

Funeral - Arcade Fire

This band means so much to me but it’ll always be their debut that lit the spark. I remember being obsessed with it when it came out but totally in awe when seeing them live. I like to think some of their energy inspired some of the music I’ve been involved in.

Day 9 of 10 days. Hounds of Love (Kate Bush)

Hounds of Love - Kate Bush
Hounds of Love – Kate Bush

I couldn’t imagine what life would be like if I’d not heard this album. It’s perfect. I love this album so much I framed the cover and put it on my wall.

Day 10 of 10 days. Roxy Music (Roxy Music)

Roxy Music - Roxy Music
Roxy Music – Roxy Music

I love all Roxy Music (even the 80s stuff) but it’s their debut I go back and play in full most often. I love the mishmash of genres, it’s gloriously experimental and pretentious.