I’m going to talk about getting to 1000 subscribers on YouTube as well as some advice about how you can do that too (if that’s what you’re after).

So first off, I want to say a massive THANK YOU to those of you who have subscribed and are following me on this journey. It does mean a lot to me and I’m very grateful.

So, I reached 1000 subscribers a while back but I have always said that you should celebrate your milestones and I’m doing that with this special post, obviously.

Now bear in mind I only have 1000 subscribers so take my ‘advice’ in this post with a pinch of salt but that said, I wanted to go over a few things, basically:

  1. Why I do YouTube
  2. The Future of this channel
  3. How You Can Get to 1000 Subscribers

Let’s jump to it!

1.   So Why Do I Do YouTube?

To answer this properly I’ve split this up into 3 parts.

i) To Document My Journey

I started the channel back in 2013 but didn’t really do anything with it. My first video was actually 2 years later, and it was just a rubbish cover of the Super Mario Bros theme on acoustic guitar. It actually was so rubbish it managed to not get picked up by Nintendo’s content ID, yay?

Anyway, a year later in 2016 I started to actually upload videos a bit more frequently. It mostly started with vlogs and music uploads and then onto the DIY Musician Guides.

So, I have all of this journey to look back on and I’ve learnt so much. I actually realised I love making videos and it’s great to expand my skill set.

This has been a path of experience I suppose, and I want to keep documenting this journey.

On a side note, it’s nice to have something my wife can watch to remember me if I die.

ii) Help with Confidence

I’m not the greatest speaker, I never have been. In fact, through doing this I’ve realized that I have speech impediments I didn’t realise I had and have to avoid certain words! This is the thing though, I put myself out there and I hope that’s enough to encourage some of you to do the same.

I actually started making videos after I’d first shaved my head, I felt embarrassed, but I remembered Tyrion’s quote from A Song of Ice and Fire (GoT):

“Never forget who you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it never be used to hurt you”.

With that I was just, ‘hey these are the cards you’ve been dealt’ so move on and get on with it, put yourself out there.

iii) Passive Income

One of my aims is to be a self-sufficient musician. That means everything I do has to attempt to contribute to the bills etc. I know YouTube ad revenue may not be massive at this point but along with music sales (Bandcamp says hi) and various other streams, it’s a start and it also feels kind of validating I suppose.

Let’s move onto part 2 .

2.   The Future of the Channel

I’ve got lots of ideas I’ve been thinking about doing but here’s three immediate ones.

i) DIY Guides

Going forward I’m continuing the guides; they’re never going away! As long as I come across interesting ways to help get more music out there whether it’s an interesting update on a platform or a fun trick on how to do something on another platform, I’ll keep on doing it.

ii) Vlogging

I want to use Liverpool more in my videos. I absolutely love where I live, and it’s got a pretty decent musical heritage so you can expect to see more of this awesome city in future videos.

iii) Music

I had fun doing those live ambient guitar videos so expect more of that kind of thing down the road as well as news on upcoming releases and just general music chat.

Now let’s move onto part 3.

3. How You Can Get to 1000 Subscribers

So, if you’re interested in starting your YouTube channel, 1000 subscribers is a nice number to aim for as you’ll unlock some new features as well as being one of the things you need for monetisation review. You also need to get 4000 hours of watch time in the past year for that.

Here’s three tips:

i) Bring Value to not Just Others but to Yourself

I love to find out about tools and methods that may help get my music out there and by sharing that, sort of adds value. Now If I went about it with the intention of just doing it to get subscribers, I think I’d eventually get bored and not have stuck with it this long. I probably would have suffered burnout and given up.

What I’m saying is that whatever you do on YouTube try and bring value to others and yourself. People aren’t really searching for the new MrSteJ music release (yet) but are searching for how to get their music on iTunes etc. An artist could talk about which paints they think are the best or a chef could chat about his favourite knives.

It’s about adding value and the more you do, the more you learn. From just doing YouTube I’ve learnt about lighting, video editing and graphics. A tonne of stuff that’s improved my skill set. It’s actually been quite a bit of work to keep uploading over the last couple of years and I’ve loved it. So that way if your video doesn’t do well, you’re still getting something out of it as you’ve done some interesting research or improved your video making skills.

ii) Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Ever heard the phrase ‘Comparison is the Thief of Joy’?

What this basically means is that if you compare your work to somebody else’s you’re just never going to be happy. There’s always going to be someone with a higher sub count, engagement rate, number of likes – whatever. Just ignore and get on with your own work.

I mean this could apply to pretty much anything really, but I’ve found some people can be pretty competitive on YouTube, so ignore it and keep being the best you, not a worst them. I think that makes sense!

iii) Some Quick Channel Tips

How about some practical tips?

Well, certainly! Here’s a few I’ve picked up but disclaimer – I haven’t done any deep diving analytics checks to see if these work out so it’s just been common sense!

  1. Add a subscribe link to your channel links

This is a simple one really. Just make sure the first link on your channel link strip is a subscribe call to action but append “?sub_confirmation=1” to the end so when clicked, the viewer will get prompted to subscribe. You can obviously use that link elsewhere, it’s really handy.

Try it out!


  1. Add your best performing video as your trailer

If you have a video you know is performing well as in it is decent at creating subscribers, use it as your trailer. It makes sense for them to see that one first, eh?

  1. Keep your title to a 55-character limit

I noticed this one recently and have started doing it. After 55 characters your title gets cut off so if you want to make sure the title of your video reads well on the subscription feed or sidebars, keep it short.

And That’s Goodbye from Him

So, I’ll end that there then.

Again, a massive thanks to all of you for following me. I sort of see this as the beginning of an adventure as I’ve just put out some solo music and have just started on the next one. At some point I’ll have to do a ‘shout out’ video to say a proper thanks.

Let me know what you’d like to see on the channel moving forward and leave any questions below.

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