5 Budget Merch Ideas you can give away at Gigs

In this video I’m going to list 5 ideas for Merch you can give away at gigs etc. They’re really cheap to make but really awesome.

Before I get into this, I just want to say how important I think it is to not let anybody visiting your merch table at a gig go away empty handed. So this is a list of things I think you should just give away for free or at least for an email address.

Merch Idea #1 Badges

Pretty obvious one this but if you’re like me, you love a badge. It’s a perfect little thing to display your logo or art and it’s wearable.

Badges are quite cheap to buy and you can expect to pay about £10 – £15 for around 100 depending on the print quality, size and shape. You can splash out on your own badge press but they’re super expensive and you’d also have to deal with printing etc but maybe something to think about in the future.

Merch idea #2 Signed Flyers

Now this is a really great idea ‘cause it’s the cheapest. When you’re promoting one of your shows you’ll normally get given a bunch of flyers to give out. I think it’s an awesome idea to have you and your band (maybe even the other bands) sign a bunch of them. People (me included) really love it and this idea works with your setlist too. I’ve seen people fight over those.

merch idea #3 Stamp

When we were making the original MINIONTV album (about 8 years ago), I wanted something to reflect the grassroots nature of what we were doing at shows and came up with a cardboard sleeve for the CD. I got this stamp especially made for the cover and the brown bags the album came in. We could also stamp people’s arms, flyers, bags – basically anything that made it a kinda unique cheap give-away.

merch idea #4 Plectrums

Now you could go online and get some plectrums made but I say no. Get yourself a plectrum press. What I really love about this is that you can pretty much make plectrums from anything so you can be really creative and come up with some really unique stuff. This costs about £20 so it’s much cheaper than getting a bunch made online. A really cool (and fun) investment.

merch idea #5 Download Card

This is great if you’re on say bandcamp and you don’t have a physical version of your music but still want to pass on your music. Just make some cards with download codes and there you go. You could charge for this but in my experience it’s best used for something you’re giving away for free as it looks kinda cool but a bit confusing with a price tag.

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