If you’re a musician who has their music on bandcamp (and if not, why not?) you may or may not realise that there is an official Bandcamp Artists app. I think you’re really missing out if you’re not using it and I’m going to give you 5 reasons why.

I’ve been covering quite a lot of these artist apps lately but the thing that sets the Bandcamp one apart for me, is that you can actually control your presence and manage merchandise as well as view analytics. It’s currently available for … I’ve noted down 5 reasons why I think you should be using it, so let’s get into it.

1. You Can Check How Many Followers You Have

For some reason this number isn’t shown anywhere on the desktop site, just within the app itself on the Overview page. This is obviously an important figure so you can quickly grasp how well you’re doing on Bandcamp. It’s essentially your potential reach when you put out music as each follower will get notified when you hit that publish button.

2. Send a Message to Your Followers

This is a another reason why your follower count is important as this features basically turns your account into a email marketing service. You can choose whether to send a message to your whole list or if you pay for a pro account, filter by location or level of support. This is an amazing feature for notifying followers of upcoming releases, sales or general news.

3. Get Notified of New Followers, Comments & Sales

When somebody buys something from you on Bandcamp you’ll get an email notification about it. But what about a new comment, or a new follower or how about if your CDs are running low? You can choose to be notified about all these things and more within the app.

4. Play Stats Are Filtered by Release

On the desktop version you can only view your play stats filtered my tracks. This can obviously get a bit nuts when you have a lot of releases and a lot of tracks, as it just becomes a big overwhelming list. The app groups stats via releases which you can open and collapse. This is great not only as it’s efficient but also because you get a handy snapshot of how releases are doing at the top level. Please bring this to the desktop version!

5. The Activity Feed

This is the first thing I look at when I open the app as it quickly shows how well (or not well in my case) the engagement with my Bandcamp profile is. May 11th was the last time somebody interacted with my profile so that tells me I’ve been neglecting my followers. I might then make the decision to start a summer sale I’ve been thinking about putting on to get people to come back or for new people to follow.


And that’s it! As always let me know your thoughts. Do you already use the Bandcamp Artist App, if not are you going to? 

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