5 Super Quick Ways to Live Stream Your Music Performances – Play Gigs at Home!

In this post I’m going to list out 5 super quick ways in which you can live stream your music performances on the internet.

With the current global crisis we’re all facing, you’ll have noticed a lot of musicians are turning to the internet to live stream their performances.

As more and more artists start doing it, the stigma is kind of lifted so it might not feel as weird or stressful as it might have done. It’s a good opportunity to jump aboard and do this yourself.

Streaming Live Methods

So, with that in mind here’s 5 super quick ways you can live stream your music performances online. And note when I say super quick, there’s no extra streaming software required for these methods – just a phone and social media accounts. Let’s get going!

Streaming Live on Twitter

To go live on Twitter on your mobile, just go to compose a tweet and click on the Camera icon. Then just tap on the ‘Live’ link on the bottom next to ‘Capture’ and you’re ready to set up your stream.

A few things to note here that might be useful.

  • You can switch on the flash if you’re streaming using the front facing camera which might be helpful if you have low lighting.
  • You can also switch between cameras if you’d like to see yourself and any viewer comments.
  • If you’d prefer only sharing audio and not video, then you can toggle between the two.

When you’re done setting up, if you like you can add a description of your stream and a location. All that’s left to do after that is set up your angle and tap that ‘Go Live’ link.

Streaming Live on Instagram

Steaming on Instagram is a kind of a similar process to that of Twitter.

Tap on your avatar and cycle the bottom menu right until you’ve selected the ‘Live’ option. Note you can switch between the cameras using that icon on the right but it’s literally just a case of tapping on the white button to go live!

Streaming Live on YouTube

For YouTube you can stream live on your mobile phone but with one caveat. You need 1000 subscribers to be eligible to do so. I’ll quickly run through that method as well as showing you the desktop method – where you don’t need that many subscribers, just need a webcam.

On the YouTube Phone App

To go live on YouTube on your phone just tap on that camera icon with the plus in it on the top menu and that will bring up some options.

Choose the Live option to get to the stream options screen.

Here you’ll have the chance to set a title for your stream which is actually required, as well as whether to set it to be private, unlisted or public.

There are more options below including monetisation and scheduling etc but just to get going tap on the Next button, wait for a quick screenshot and then tap that ‘Go Live’ button and you’ll be live!

On the YouTube Website

To go live on the desktop version which doesn’t require you to have 1000 subscribers, just click on the same icon – you know the one with the camera with the plus in it. Then select the ‘Go Live’ option and when you get to the stream select screen, let’s call it, just click on the Webcam option on the top menu.

You’ll get a similar stream setup as with the mobile method where you can fill in some details, pause for a screenshot and ‘Go Live’. Done!

Streaming Live on Facebook

As with YouTube there’s actually two methods to go live on Facebook and I don’t think there are any limitations.

On the Facebook Phone App

Streaming on Facebook on your mobile is pretty simple. You can actually do it from your personal profile, your public page or a group.

To set it up just go to compose a status as normal but tap on the ‘Live’ option instead. This will bring about the stream dashboard screen where it’s as simple as tapping that blue ‘Start Live Video’ BUTTON to go live.

A couple of useful notes. There’s a camera switch option as expected, as well as a handy flash feature which seems to turn your brightness up to max if you’re using the back camera.

You can also ‘enhance’ your video with different themes, but we won’t get into that as the point of all of this was just to show you how to get up and running quickly.

On the Facebook Desktop Website

It’s a little different to stream live using the desktop version of facebook. First you need to locate the live stream button which will appear:

  • Within a menu underneath your banner art on a public page
  • In a menu above a new post in a group
  • And as an option within a submenu when you make a new post on your personal profile

Whatever way you choose you’ll navigate to the live producer dashboard. In here you can select what page or profile you want to live stream to as well as the camera setup. When you’re ready, just hit that Go Live button! And we are done!

Streaming Live on TikTok

Ok that was 4 but I was going to mention TikTok as a 5th but you apparently need 1000 followers to get the live streaming option enabled which I do not have, yet!


So that a list of ways to get up and running and live stream your love performances. In future videos I’m thinking of going through each one of them in more depth, especially Facebook as I’m quite impressed with their desktop options there.

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