I’m a DIY Musician trying things out, sharing what works.

Hello, Stephen here, aka MrSteJ (Mr-Stee-Jay). I thought it was about time I did a Bio. I don’t know why it’s taken so long, maybe it just feels a bit big headed writing about yourself. I’ve got a feeling since you clicked on the link, you probably want the context so here goes.

About Me

I was born in Liverpool in 1981 so I was around pre-internet which makes every innovation super exciting to me. That also makes me one of those “I remember when people didn’t have mobile phones” types.

As a musician I’ve become a bit obsessed in utilising the many tools available to get music out there to ears. I’m very much into documenting the process of what I do so tend to make video guides and vlogs. Maybe there are some people out there that might find it interesting.

My main purpose with this website is to share tips and tricks that may help musicians like myself get their music out there and be heard. 

My main end goal is to become a self sufficient musician, meaning what I do as my passion just pays for the bills. I have no wild ambitions of getting rich or getting signed to a big label. I strongly believe that realistic mindset is essential in getting there. This website will document that journey, so come along for the ride!

So now you know about the website, what about the music?

The Music

I’ve been involved in making music since I can remember. Some of my most proudest achievements include going to the premiere of a short film we’d soundtracked, hearing our music on TV, and playing really awesome shows over the years.

Here’s some of the projects I’m currently involved in.


The first proper musical step for me was forming the post-rock band MinionTV in 2009. We played a good bunch of gigs, put out some great releases and got quite a bit of music used on TV.

Wired to Follow

From there, I moved onto more of an experimental project called Wired to Follow. This was more of a casual approach to making music with less emphasis on gigging, more on staying in the studio, making music.


Nowadays, MinionTV is on a hiatus, I still dabble with Wired to Follow, but I’m now also releasing music as MrSteJ, my name (Mr Stephen Johnston – get it?). I’ve always hid within bands or pseudonyms as it’s just been safer I suppose, but now I’m putting myself forward.