Music guy also found streaming, running & nerding out about retro gaming

Hello! My name is Stephen (AKA MrSteJ) and I’m a musician and retro gamer.

I run a YouTube channel where I share tips and tricks for fellow creators as well as share my passion (or unhealthy obsession) for video gaming of the past. You’ll also find tonnes of other fun stuff on there, such as vlogs and reviews.

I’ve been making music since I can remember and as of writing this bio, I’m currently involved in two projects – my own solo project ‘MrSteJ’ as well as my band ‘Wired to Follow’.

Throughout the week you can find me streaming on Twitch where I tend to play classic Point & Click games as well as anything I feel like on original hardware. I also do the odd ambient guitar streams too, it’s a lot of fun, come and say hi!