We’ve been able to share Spotify links to our music in Instagram for a while now. If I had one complaint it’s that well, it’s only a link, there’s no actual music playing. Well, now you can actually add background music using the music sticker. Let’s have a look.

So first things first, this feature is available on Android and iOS platforms only in select countries. I’m not sure which countries so you’ll just have to check if it’s there.

There also seems to a major lack of music on there at the moment. Fore example, my music isn’t on there yet and I think it’d be worth reaching out to our distributors (Ditto, CD Baby etc) if they know anything. Instagram do say they are “adding new songs to our music library every day” so hopefully soon. Let’s dive in and check it out.

Adding the Music Sticker to an Instagram Story

Adding Background Music to an Instagram Story
Adding Background Music to an Instagram Story
  1. Jump into Instagram and proceed to add a story as normal.
  2. After adding your visual content (a video or photo) choose the sticker icon at the top right menu.
  3. Now choose the ‘Music’ sticker
  4. You’ll now see a selection of music tracks to choose from. Select one and then hit Done.
  5. The music will play in the background for the duration of the story.

See the video above to see this in action!


So until deals are done that ensures our music from our labels appear on there, how musicians use this feature now? Well for me, I’d start using it as soon as possible so people in our feeds get used to how it all works for when we do drop our music. Also, I think it’s really cool way to share your influences or what you’re listening to but I agree it’s definitely early days.

Let me know what you think about this feature. Are you going to start using it now or wait until you get music onto there?