Ambient Guitar Ideas #2 – Your Whisper From the Dark


Time for another idea. It was a rainy Saturday night and I felt in the mood to play something. Here’s a run down to what I used.

A few people asked me what pedals/effects I was using so from now on I’ll start listing out equipment I’m using. I’ll attempt to link out to sources where these can be found if you’re looking to buy anything. If I can’t find a source new, I’ll link to ebay. Please note my affiliate links may result in a small commission which helps support the site.

Thought Process Behind the Signal Chain

I received a question in the comments section of the video above about my thought process on the signal chain. To be perfectly honest (and I’m kind of repeating myself here, sorry!) but I never really think about it. Throughout all the music I’ve been involved with (MINIONTV / Wired to Follow / MrSteJ), I’ve just had this ‘jigsawed’ mentality of just swapping around pedals until I like what I hear. I know musicians out there are crying out in horror after reading that but that’s the way it’s always just worked for me!

Obviously there’s ‘some’ thoughts (just not any science) to how I arrived at this sound and it pretty much went like this…

  1. Go through the Micro Pog to add a little weight to the sound with octaves
  2. Then through the Delay to create some soundscape feedback
  3. Then through the Memory Boy to add some weird chorus
  4. All through the DI box to help remove some static I’m getting at the moment (I’m planning on shielding the guitar soon).
  5. Into my Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface
  6. Into Ableton Live (my DAW of choice)
  7. Round it off with the Blackhole Reverb Plugin to smooth it out
  8. Exported through T-Racks Compressor

Full Gear List on here!

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