Arcade Fire and the Confiscated Haribo

Can I just start with Arcade Fire?

I was there over the weekend in Manchester as part of their ‘Infinite Content’ tour, supporting their latest album. The last time I saw them live was about 13 years ago around the time they dropped their debut album Funeral. That’s been my all time favourite gig for years but maybe this one just topped it. They’re just so bloody good, so full of energy, every one of them everything they have into every song.

The setup was brilliant. The stage was made up like a boxing ring and the band came on as if about to fight. As the center of the stage revolved, everybody got to see the band in action. They frequently swapped places so it constantly felt exciting.

Lyns and I nearly fainted as Win Butler (lead singer) walked by us singing my favourite track of theirs, Afterlife (see main photo).

The setlist was great. Lots of old, lots of not so old and some new – all good. Did I mention that I’m a fan?

There was one dark cloud to the event. As we went through the security gates, our haribo was confiscated. I only mention this absurd note (although, it’s really annoying they do this to force you into buying their overpriced stuff) as there were three lads in front of us at the gig smoking weed.

Let that sink in. We couldn’t get in with Haribo but they got in with weed.

BUT More Importantly

I got a new coat.

It’s cheap and not at all waterproof but I love the idea that I can sow in patches and pin badges.

Bye for now.

My New Coat
My New Coat

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