For the couple of people out there who have been thinking “where has Ste gone”, “what’s going on with Ste’s channel?” or “how do you pronounce MrSteJ?”, this is for you.

Hey guys, Stephen here AKA MrSteJ. I haven’t done a channel update in a while and I was kinda thinking of doing them a bit more often so I can recap what’s gone on and what’s gonna go on so here we go.

‘Mr Steee Jay’

It’s time to set something right. I’ve heard my channel name pronounced in some crazy ways. I’m not gonna change it but I suppose I do need to keep it in the intro or even create a little jingle. It’s pronounced ‘Mr Stee Jay’ like ‘Mister Bee Day’.


I was ill last week hence not a lot going on with the channel and website but that did afford me a little reset time. You know sometimes you get stuck in your ways with something and sometimes you need to stop and reset, organise and analyse and all that. So, with that came these 5 points I wanted to update you with.

1 – Music Focus

My plan going forward is to be way more prolific musically. That’s going to involve putting more of my solo stuff out, more Wired to Follow releases, new collaborations and live ambient streams on this channel. I’m still piecing together what that is but I can imagine for the most part it’ll be me maybe here playing music live and I’ll make a special event out of it. I think that will be fun.

2 – DIY Guides

I’ve been a bit lazy with the DIY Guides lately, not really putting that many out, so I want to prioritise these types of videos over everything else on the channel. I spent a lot of last week coming up with some really cool guide ideas to do which I think will be really helpful for me as well as you guys.

That’s the main purpose of these guides and this channel really. I want you guys as fellow musicians to feel like you’re getting something of value when I’m doing them and I’m really hoping you want me to keep doing them? It goes along with my music focus, that I’m putting more effort into making music and then looking into ways to get it out there effectively.

3 – OK We’re On

Point 3 is all about the fortnightly live streaming show I started not that long ago with my friend Justin. If you’re not aware it’s called “OK We’re On” and is basically a live streamed conversation where we chat about all things music as well as other stuff such as movies and video games.

I want to put more effort in putting this show together, basically improve on it as it goes along. It’s not only fun but it’s really good for us mentally I suppose, to chat about things and air them out. So, we’ll be looking at improving the structure a fair bit, maybe include some guests, take some questions. That sort of thing.

4 – Vlogs, Reviews, etc

OK the rest of the stuff on the channel, the vlogs, the reviews etc are not going away, they’re just not gonna be a priority. As soon as I’ve got the DIY Guides I want to do set in stone I can move onto those. I have a tonne of music movie reviews I want to get through. The Vlogs I suppose are a little easier as it just involves me going somewhere and filming off the cuff, so I can imagine they’ll come sooner. Just know, this stuff isn’t going anywhere!

5 – Gaming Channel

OK last thing I’ll mention is that I have a gaming channel called MrSteJ Games. It’s basically a place where I can let off a bit of steam and play through my stupid retro game collection. If you’re interested in that, go subscribe. There’s a Twitch one too if that floats your boat. This is all for my “I don’t wanna think about music right now” off time ha.

Anyway. That is it for this update. Thanks for tuning in.

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