Did you know you can create Bandcamp Discount codes? Well even if you did, here’s a refresher course and 5 awesome tips on how to make use of them!

So, I’ve already covered using Bandcamp download codes in another video but let’s go over Bandcamp discount codes.

Basically, when you create this code, you set a valid discount amount and our fans can apply it at checkout to get the discount. Let’s just quickly jump in and create one now so you can how it all works.

 - Bandcamp Discount Codes
– Bandcamp Discount Codes

How to Make Bandcamp Discount Codes

  1. Log into your Bandcamp artist account and select tools from the top right menu
  2. Scroll down to the Discount Codes section
  3. Enter a name for the code you’ll be giving out to your fans, I’m going to create one now just for you guys. I’m going to call it ‘diyhards’
  4. Now we’ll choose the discount amount, I’ll go with 50% for my code. Note there’s no option for 100%
  5. Then choose what the code will be valid for, either anything or a single track or whatever. I’ll make this valid or everything
  6. Next we’ll choose when it’ll expire. I think it’s a good idea to set a date really as you might be creating this code for seasonal sales. So, for this one I’m going to set it to expire on February 14th of this year.
  7. All’s that’s left to do is click on that ‘generate discount code’ button and we’re pretty much done. It’ll appear on the bottom list here with any others you’ve created. You can delete any of them by clicking on the link on the right.
Creating a Discount Code - Bandcamp Discount Codes
Creating a Discount Code – Bandcamp Discount Codes

Ideas for Using Bandcamp Discount Codes

So now we know how to create our discount code, what next? Well apart from instantly just sharing it to your mum and your mates, here’s 5 other ideas about how to name and share them…

Idea #1 – A Seasonal Sale

This one is pretty simple and you’re most likely already familiar with it because every company out there selling something does it.

It could an aimed at Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas or even your birthday. Just remember to name your code within the context of what the sale is. So maybe don’t name it something relating to Halloween when you have the sale in the summer, unless that makes perfect sense for you!

Anyway, the only downside of doing a seasonal sale is that if you do it too often, people get used to it and will wait for it. I’ve definitely done that.

Seasonal Sale - Bandcamp Discount Codes
Seasonal Sale – Bandcamp Discount Codes

Idea #2 – Celebrate an Upcoming Release

So, imagine that you have a new release coming out and you’d like to build an extra bit of buzz or you know, awareness around it.

You could create a sale to celebrate before it comes out. This is a great way of bringing new fans in as the more people who buy in, the more that will get notified when the new release comes out.

Again, you could name it something along the lines of “newreleaseparty” or something way better than that.

Idea #3 – Celebrate a Milestone

This year is the 10th anniversary of my first proper band’s album and since it’s been out that long and it’s a pretty round number, I could if I wanted to, dedicate some sort of sale around it to celebrate it.

Again, that could bring in new people who weren’t aware of it the first-time round, ten years ago, and set them up to be notified for future releases (of which there probably won’t be any – sorry MinionTV fans).

But anyway, if you have an album or whatever that’s been out for a year and you want to try out discounts, maybe use that.

Celebrate a Milestone - Bandcamp Discount Codes
Celebrate a Milestone – Bandcamp Discount Codes

Idea #4 – An Email Sign Up Reward with a Single Bandcamp Discount Code

In the video I made about Bandcamp Download Codes I mentioned using codes in Email Newsletters using Merge tags, which if I’m being honest are kind of tricky to sort out.

But with a discount code it’s obviously easier as it’s just one code to message out rather than having to work with unique codes.

You could even use the code to drive Email Subscriptions by saying, sign up to our newsletter to get 50% off our music and automatically send out an email with code. I made a video all about How to Create an Automated Mailchimp message that might help you there, although I’ll most likely visit this idea in a future video.

An Email Signup Reward - Bandcamp Discount Codes
An Email Signup Reward – Bandcamp Discount Codes

Idea #5 – Reward Fans by Level of Support

You could reward fans who’ve supported you in the past with a good discount or try and entice new supporters out of the ones who have downloaded free stuff.

Whatever you want to do with your Bandcamp followers, you can use target messaging on the app to choose fans who have spent a certain amount on your music, even nothing. It’s a really cool feature actually but it’s only available on a Bandcamp Pro account. So, if you’re on a Pro account, good for you.

But there is another option. All of this data is actually contained in your mailing list which you can export from Bandcamp’s tools menu anyway. Then you can pretty much do the same thing, although a little more of an arduous job importing that into say, Mailchimp and setting up conditions for a targeted mail campaign.

Mailchimp Import
Mailchimp Import – Bandcamp Discount Codes

Bonus Tip! Create a Link Straight to the Checkout

As you’re creating an intent to buy let’s say, you can use this really ace trick to have the checkout pop-up display straight away by just adding ?action=download to the end of the link.

But you’re probably thinking, “hey that link is way too long now!”

Yes it is, but we can shorten it with bitly. Need a guide on that, here you go!

Checkout PopPop Link - Bandcamp Discount Codes
Checkout PopPop Link – Bandcamp Discount Codes

Facebook Re-targeting

Now I was going to include Facebook Retargeting as an option, but it’s another one of those ‘might be a bit tricky to setup’ things. Plus, you’re paying for ads which you know, costs money.

Anyway, it’s basically the ability to target people on Facebook who have visited your website, even narrowing down to specific pages they were on when they visited.

You can show them an ad on Facebook with your code on it enticing them to buy, that kind of thing.

Anyway, look that up if that sounds interesting. Maybe I’ll cover it in the future.

Should you Discount?

SO… the question for the end here is Should you Discount?

Now I’m not saying you should definitely go and create discounts for your music. I’m only talking about how to make them and make use of them. I’m conflicted with using them too often if I’m being honest as it can devalue your music a little.

It reminds me. There’s a shop here in the UK called The Works and it ALWAYS has a sale on. I can’t remember the last time it didn’t have a big Sale banner in the window.

Anyway, that’s probably good for new people who don’t know the shop as they see the window and are enticed in. I guess that’s the point BUT for existing customers, it kind of loses value or its power over time. You know, if there’s always a sale, then it isn’t really a sale.

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