Why Your Band’s Music Should Be Everywhere

Today in this video I wanted to chat about why in my opinion, if you are putting out your own music, that music needs to be everywhere.

Today in this video I wanted to chat about why in my opinion, if you are putting out your own music, that music needs to be everywhere. I recently put out a new Wired to Follow EP. It’s called ELIZA 66 and it’s awesome, I’m very proud of it, check it out.

I went through the process of submitting it to all of these different outlets and believe me, it does take time!

We’ve been working on this release ourselves in our own studio for about 9 months and really wanted to make sure everyone would have a chance to hear it, hell some of it is even playing right now under this video.

I think this is especially important if your music is a little alternative like ours. So I set this release up on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Youtube, Itunes, Spotify, Amazon – and many more. So why did I go to all of this effort?

So imagine you bump into a friend in the street and you get into a conversation about your music, and they’re like “hey! you do music?? where can I listen?” Well the worst thing you could do at this point is name a place they don’t know, now they have two things to remember! So your best bet is to say, hey everywhere – what do you listen on? Spotify? yeah it’s there. My point is, not everyone is gonna use everything and Bandcamp as much as it’s awesome (and my fave), it’s still too niche to be our only place.

So how do you get on the other platforms you may ask? Well Bandcamp is easy enough, you just upload them to your account and voila. Same goes for Youtube and soundcloud – although for youtube you need to decide what the video content is. For me, I just use the album artwork. That video can be made in any video editing software.

For Spotify, Itunes, Amazon etc you need to use a third party service. Now I use a company called Ditto and this let me point out is in no way an endorsement, it’s just the first service I found first and stuck with. Basically for about £50 a year I can upload as many releases as I want and they get put on those sites. I’ve just found out in time of writing this that the lowest tier is now actually £19 for unlimited releases under one artist, not bad.

So that’s it really. To sum up, we all want our music to be heard, if we’re all being honest that’s why we make it. So why not give it every opportunity available. I’ve heard some people say it’s selling out to be on iTunes or Spotify – whatever but you can’t really dictate where your audience is going to listen so why narrow down your chances of getting your music heard?

As you know I’m really passionate about the whole modern process of getting your music out there so I’ll be making videos & posts like this every now and again.

So let me know in the comments your thoughts on this subject and if there’s anything you’d like me to cover in the future!

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