I had quite a bit going on last week what with starting the podcast which took a bit of time editing and writing up. It’s not something I anticipate being a weekly thing, more sporadic as I don’t want it to feel forced in any way.

That said there are a few people who have expressed interest in appearing on future episodes – so don’t worry if you’re reading this, I’ll get back to you soon!

Until then, let me fill you in with the latest.

Matt Came to Visit

Matt Owen
Matt Owen’s film 2018

For those of you who don’t know, Matt is the guy who made Paragon, the fantastic documentary about Andy Grant that came out last year (and featured Wired to Follow music). Matt is a great guy, very generous, a good laugh and a fellow movie fanatic. I feel like we can chat for hours, especially as he shares the same love for my favourite film of all time Blade Runner.

I met with Alec

alec and ste
Alec and Ste, best pals

I mentioned this on an instagram live video afterwards but isn’t it great when you meet up with a friend you haven’t seen in ages and you just start chatting like it were yesterday? Alec was fundamental in helping sort the NewPath events back in the day. He’s a hard worker, always working on shows and new releases. I have no doubt we’ll be working together on something again.

Meanwhile, back in the Studio

wired to follow 2018
But did you notice the mug?!

We’ve advanced quite a bit with the new track (D.E.D) in terms of structure. Our next step is to record the drums and then everything else on top. So I imagine the next log is going to be quite drum heavy!

And that’s it for this log. Thanks for reading, comment below if you have questions or to just say hi! – Ste

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