So you’ve got your new release ready to send out to blogs for early review. how do you DECIDE which blogs you should send it to?

You really don’t want to send your music to blogs that aren’t relevant to your genre. That’s just a waste of your and their time. To make sure you’re using your time efficiently we’re going to use the Hype Machine website which is a music blog collective which you can filter by genre.

Step #1 – Choose Your Genre

So we’re on the site page and we just need to choose a relevant genre. If you don’t see something suitable just hit the ‘More Genres’ button to refresh the list. Once you’ve found one, click it to take you to a page showing blogs filtered by that tagged genre.

Hype Machin blogs Categories & Genres
Hype Machine blogs Categories & Genres

Step #2 – Research the Track & Follower Counts

See the track and follower information displayed in the bottom right of each blog panel? The higher these numbers, the less likely you’ll get a reply back if you’re just starting out. These not also indicate how ‘big’ the blog is but also how much competition there is to be featured just off an email.

What you want to do is look for a low amount of followers as there’s less likely to be as much competition and their mailbox won’t be as flooded with requests.

hypemachine blogs
Note the follower count on the bottom right

Step #3 – Choose a Blog

Select a blog given the above criteria. You’ll now see a list of associated blog posts linked to reviewed music. Click on the date link of one of the results and you’ll be taken directly to the post.

hype machine blogs
Click on the time/date link for the blog post

Step #4 – Read

Now it’s time to read. You need to get a feel for the content. Do you think it’d be a good fit for your music? Keep reading. If the answer is still yes after you’ve read a few posts go ahead and craft your email.

Need help on how to do that? I created this post just for you.

That’s all there is to it, simple eh? Let me know if you have any questions or just say hi.

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