I heard something interesting recently that I wanted to explore. It was the idea that confidence is the repetition of a single step of courage.

Now that single step of courage might be performing on stage for the first time or putting out your very first track, or even getting out for that run. We’ve all been there, we’ve all took that first step we were unsure of, even scared of. Confidence can be thought of as the repetition of that learned endeavour.

I wanted to go over an example that relate to me.

Shaving My Head

Last year I did something I kinda think was courageous, for me at least. I decided to shave my head. Yes, I did have hair not that long ago! I was losing it for years and it made me a bit insecure. As soon as I decided to get rid I started to push myself out there a little more. I even got in front of the camera and starting vlogging, something I wouldn’t have done before. Now as well as looking different, I really do feel different and have way more of a positive attitude. I don’t really give a crap what I look like. The confidence came when I realised everyone is fighting something and you just have to deal with the cards you’ve been dealt and move on.

To sum up I’m saying that everything we’re worried about whether it’s putting out music for the first time, getting on stage or even shaving all your hair off – can be a courageous first step. After you’ve done it, it gets easier to do it again.

Anyway, until next time – let me know if you have any examples you can think of this, especially through music.

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