One of the problems musicians face on Instagram is the ability to easily share our music as posts as it’s more well, visual. But now with the help of  a new web based app called Turn, we can create shareable videos which combine our music track with a rotating chosen image. It’s pretty cool so let’s take a look!

Turn has been created by Lee Martin, a music web dev enthusiast or geek (hope he doesn’t mind me saying that).

He first caught my eye with another project he worked on years back called Spectrogram which took your track and outputted an evolving spectrograph version of it, basically a visual representation of your music. It was bloody cool and I used it quite a bit.

So when I saw this project popped up and noticed his name, I jumped on it to check it out. Let’s have a look at right now.

Creating Your Music Videos

It’s as simple as heading over to and following the instructions on the right side of the screen. Within a few minutes you’ll have a video you can share on social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Watch the video above for a demonstration!

The Turn web based app, allowing us to create shareable images for instagram from our music

Some Feedback

Ok, as it’s currently in Beta I thought it be useful to give some feedback (basically stuff I’d like to see).

  1. The ability to add your own text for the artist and track. Keep the Turn logo but add it to the bottom right. I think it might look a little confusing at first as people might think the track or artist is called Turn.
  2. Add an optional ‘needs sound’ icon to prompt someone to unmute. I like the simplicity so wouldn’t want to clutter it up with icons. Although the more people will see these, the more obvious it gets to what it is.
  3. A version for instagram stories.
  4. A spectrograph version or something similar that really makes your video unique.

And that’s it!

The last point was going to be the ability to add a vinyl print for your image but it’s already been done. All links below.



Go try out Turn

Convert your artwork image into a vinyl record

Check out Lee Martin’s website

Check out the feedback on Reddit