Simon Monkhouse | The DIY Musician Guide Podcast

I’m talking with my good friend and one of my favourite humans Simon Monkhouse.

So, why a podcast?

I wanted to set this up to mainly get to chat to other like-minded musician types about their story, you know what got them interested in doing music in the first place, albums that made them who they are and any advice they would have for the rest of us DIY musicians. It’s something I always wanted to get around doing as I really think different perspectives in a ‘down to earth’ atmosphere can be enlightening.

I’m not sure how frequent these are going to be. Being honest, I was thinking of holding back a few before releasing but I’m far too impatient to do that kind of thing. My philosophy these days is to put content out as you have it, you don’t know what tomorrow can bring. Pretty much how the latest release went out. Saying that, if you’re interested in jumping on one of these some time, let me know!

Podcast Episode #1

Moving onto this episode’s chat. You may know him as the drummer from my previous band MINIONTV and most recently from joining my current project Wired to Follow. He’s one of the good guys so listen up and let’s just gloss over my lack of ACDC knowledge eh? Seriously I have an awful memory and it shows.

Simon Monkhouse and me after recording the podcast
Simon Monkhouse and me after recording the podcast

Music used in Podcast:

Let me know if you had a listen and if you’d like to hear more in the future, or just say hi!

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