A new musical collaborative project and I’m documenting every bit of it.

I’ve started a new musical collaborative project with fellow musician Justin Bailey. People may know him from my MinionTV days, or most recently the Podcast. If you do listen to the podcast, you’ll know this is something we’ve hinted at for a good while now, so here it is!

I’ve decided to document the project on here, all the way from inception to release and beyond. This might be interesting or helpful to anyone thinking about starting something musical but not quite sure where to start.

It’ll also (most likely) highlight the trials of tribulations along the way. Oh what fun.

The First Meet Up

On Friday February 14th (yeah Valentines!), Justin and I met up at his house to start making some plans. This was a strictly ‘no instruments session’ as the main idea was just to chat it over, see what we were thinking. Well, I should say, what Justin was thinking. I’ll explain.

For this project, I just had one stipulation going in and that was that Justin was going to be taking the reigns of it. I’m famously a bit of a control freak when it comes to the music projects I’m involved in so this is a good exercise for me to let go a bit. That’s not to say I’m not involved in the music making, I’m talking about more the direction and context to which it’s set.

A Theme

I think it’s important to have a ‘story’ behind what you’re doing otherwise you’re not giving the project the opportunity to be interesting outside of actually hearing it. Plus, sometimes for me at least, it makes sense to have some ‘liner notes’ to fully comprehend what is happening. You get that with art a lot. You can look at a painting a million times but it can really open once you understand the context behind why or how it was painted. Anyway, that’s why I wanted some context behind our new project.

Over the course of our (three hour) chat, a few words cropped up over and over again. Those were ‘challenge’, ‘process’ and ‘limitations’. Justin likes the idea of being creatively restricted and so we’re sticking mainly to guitars, a few percussive instruments but absolutely no synths. This is analogue all the way and mostly recorded live.

Initially, the genres we’re thinking about are drone and noise but melodic. That said, until we actually start playing, it’s not set in stone but it’s somewhere to start. All we know at this point is that we’d like the process to feel organic, in that it evolves as we’re there in the moment.

Justin’s Guitars


There’s no plans for gigs or anything like that, at the moment anyway. We both have no aspirations for this to reach further than a few heads as it’s more about a creative process and a release. That said, release and validation are part of that process so any chance I can get I’ll be recording footage for this blog series.

Justin isn’t a big fan of social media but I have convinced him to create an Instagram account for the project. He’s a good artist so I think that visual flair will work well there. He’ll also be using those talents for the artwork.

As for where it’ll eventually end up (whatever it will be), Justin definitely wants Spotify. He pretty much uses the service 24/7 so it makes sense that he’d like to see it there. I did convince him that it should go on Bandcamp too because you know, it’d be crazy if I didn’t!

Next Time

There’s a project name to think about. We’re unsure if it’s going to be our real names or a collaborative pseudonym. I’ve left that for Justin to decide on for next time.

On our next meetup we’ll be picking up guitars. It’ll most likely be a logistics session. What software are we using to record our music? What’s the amplifier set up? There’s a bunch of questions to answer but I’m hoping we get down to making some music together. It’s actually been 8 years since we last did it. We’ll hopefully have that name too.

Justin and Stephen
Justin and Stephen