I’m kinda rubbish with words but it’s not just that.

I have a problem when it comes to describing music. When somebody asks me why I like certain music I just can’t put it in words. I’d just say something like ‘hey, it’s electronic and it’s nice, you’d like it’ etc. I want the person to be satisfied that I think it’s worth them checking out solely because I’m recommending it but I know that’s sometimes not enough.

The thing is I’d rather actually express it through a feeling or some mad day dream. In fact, I was listening to something the other day that made me think of the music you’d hear while in Willy Wonka’s waiting room. I do it in a way the other person maybe won’t appreciate but it feels right for me, so I’m conflicted.

I used to have to review albums for a magazine and it took me ages. I’d literally just sit there looking at the word count, hoping it’d be sufficient enough with every added adjective. You see, when I write a review, it’s hard not to feel like I’m going into jokey wine chat “it’s a fruity beaucoup with a hint of rosemary” type stuff. I’m left cringing. Much respect to those that can and do it.

And they can. Just the other day my friend Chad who writes for Echoes and Dust, described the latest Wired to Follow release as ‘iridescent’. I had to look it up (it proves the vocabulary theory). He’s a great writer, check out his review of Capac’s latest release ‘Through the Dead Waste’.

If you notice the way I speak about my own music, it’s almost always in anecdotes or about influences. There was an Aldous Huxley quote I posted on Instagram the other day (shown below) which I think comes close to explaining where I’m at. It makes sense for me to just pass on music without detailed reason. Whether it be my own or a recommendation, it should for the most part, speak for itself.

Maybe conventional reviews are something I can work on or maybe I accept that it’s just not my thing. So for now, just don’t ask me why I like something unless you want a weird answer.