Hey Stephen here with another DIY Guide. In this guide I’m going to list 7 ideas you can use to find band members.

It can be really daunting going out there alone as a musician. Back when I started this whole thing I really struggled to find like-minded people I could create with. So it comes as no surprise that one of the questions I hear asked a lot is just how to to find other musicians. Let’s go over some ideas that you might want to try.

#1 – Put Some Adverts in Music Shops

For me, it’s the original and best, well at least the most iconic. It’s the classic pre-internet way of getting the word out. What I suggest to do is write your snappy bit of ad at the top and have strips either containing a phone number or email address at the bottom where people can rip off for keeps. You don’t just have to put them at music shops. Place them anywhere you’d feel somewhere you’re looking for might visit – cafes, bars etc. Check a week later and if nobody has taken any strips, you might want to adjust your ad.

#2 – Go to Some Open Mic Nights

These can be a little scary at first but don’t worry, you don’t have to play! Just think about it, these events are brimming with musicians. If you can message the organisers ahead of time you might be able to get them to help and put the word out for you at the event. Otherwise, just mingle, get to know the people and the scene.

#3 – Contact Facebook Pages & Groups

Check to see if your city has its own dedicated music page or group on facebook and get in touch. For example the Liverpool Bands facebook page and group regularly does shout out for musicians looking for other musicians, don’t miss out!

#4 – Post on Social Media *Pin Your Message!

If you’re on Twitter for example, be it your band or personal profile, tweet out who you’re looking for and make sure it’s pinned to your profile. Same goes if you have a Facebook page. You could also put out a dedicated Instagram post or YouTube video. The trick here is to use the platforms we have available for maximum exposure.

#5 – Advertise on Facebook

This is a no brainer if you have a budget for it. With facebook advertising you could for example target somebody who is a fan of a similar band to you, of a certain age, in the same location, and plays whatever instrument you’re after. Word the copy in the ad right and you should start seeing results.

#6 – Ask on Your Local Subreddit

Similar to facebook groups, ask on your local city’s subreddit.

#7 – Use Listings & Classifieds Websites

You can also submit a classified ad on the likes of Gumtree and Craiglist. This is how I managed to meet up with and find like-minded band members back in the day. It might be much easier to just use the likes of Facebook nowadays but don’t underestimate this option!

And that’s 7! Let me know if you have any more ideas for finding band members as I’m sure there are loads more!