Soundtrack by Twitch. Music distributors have teamed up with Twitch to allow our music to be played on Twitch streams. This could be pretty exciting so let’s check it out!

Up until now if streamers on Twitch play music on their streams, they may run into copyright issues. Well it looks like Twitch is looking to solve that issue with its new product called Soundtrack, which could be really exciting for us DIY musicians. So, what is Soundtrack by Twitch?

what is Soundtrack by Twitch?

Well, if we have a look at the official blog Twitch put out, with language aimed at Twitch streamers, they state:

Soundtrack gives you a curated collection of rights-cleared music and integrates with your streaming software to separate your audio sources, allowing you to keep your channel safe while you create compelling content and grow as a creator.”

What this means is that Twitch streamers will be able to safely stream music on their streams using this new ‘Soundtrack’ feature.

And this ‘rights cleared music’ will be made up of our music via our distributors essentially through curated playlists and music stations. A bit more on that:

“Playlists and stations are curated by Twitch music curation staff, as well as select streamers and industry partners to make sure whatever style of music you’re looking to add to your stream is at your fingertips – ready for you to press play. Our curation team will be expanding our content offering with new Playlists and Stations regularly.”

To be able to feature in these playlists you’ll have to opt in through your distributor.

Why is it possibly good for musicians?

I know it’s a dirty word, but this looks potentially great for exposure, especially so as we don’t really have to lift a finger.

If somebody is streaming on Twitch using Soundtrack and our music features, people watching the stream will be able to get info on it if they like it. That’s great!

I suppose my question there would be if we’re actually getting any royalties for a play in the first place or is it just for the added exposure of having your link Spotify featured?

Anyway, with that said how do we sign up?

How to add your music to Soundtrack by Twitch via Distrokid

  1. Log in to Distrokid
  2. Select a release you want to add to Soundtrack by Twitch
  3. Scroll down to the STORES section
  4. Click on ‘Add to More Stores’ and select Soundtrack by Twitch

Will Your Music Automatically Be Featured on Soundtrack by Twitch?

So, here’s the question we may all be asking at this point. If we opt in for this feature, will we automatically get our music featured in these playlists? Well no, and here’s why.

“Music in Soundtrack is curated, which means that submitting a track does not guarantee that it will be added. Our team makes a considerable effort, however, to include music from Twitch Creators when curating playlists and stations. Twitch Creators should highly consider distributing to Soundtrack via DistroKid or SoundCloud due to the Twitch Creator feature these preferred distributors have….”

How to add your Twitch Channel to Soundtrack by Twitch

  1. Click on the ‘More’ link on the top right
  2. Click on ‘Streaming Service Goodies’
  3. Now click on Soundtrack by Twitch
  4. You can now add a Twitch channel to each artist you look after on Distrokid


I really do think it’s a good time to jump on Twitch. There seems to be a bit of a focus on that platform at the moment. It was only recently that we talked about the Amazon music pair up. It seems to be a good place to be for live performing musicians, especially at this crazy time.

Now, If you follow this channel at all, you’ll know that I’m a massive Bandcamp fan and that option looks to be notably missing from this integration.

But I suppose in terms of exposure to our potential new fans, this Twitch by Soundtrack seems to be a way of drawing them in without too much effort at all so I’m all for it. And it helps out Twitch streamers too, which is really cool.