Did you know that if you have music on Spotify, you can customise your artist profile page as well as view its stats?

If you use Spotify, you’ve probably seen artist pages that display a nice big banner above their releases, as well as showcase playlists, bio, images and specific releases. Well now you can do the same for your artist page.

The Beatles profile on Spotify

Not only can you control the cosmetic appearance of your profile but you can also delve deep into your stats. Want to know how many active listeners you have, how they stream your music or where they are in the world? All of these things are vitally important in understanding your growth on the platform.

You can do all of that within your Spotify for Artists page. So let’s take a look.

The Spotify for Artists Page

All you have to do to get started its to head over to the Spotify for Artists page and claim your profile. Simply search for your artist name and log in with your Spotify details. Then it’s as simple as validating your credentials (proving you manage the artist) to get access.

Spotify for Artists - Claim Your Profile
Spotify for Artists – Claim Your Profile


Let’s go through an example. I have yet to sign up one of my artist profiles, Eir Vár. So let’s do that right now.

Knowing that we’re going to need to have access to the artist’s Twitter account to validate the profile, I’ve already signed into Twitter beforehand. On the verification screen we’ll hit that ‘Twitter Connect’ link to sync the account.

Spotify for Artists - Verify Page
Spotify for Artists – Verify Page

As well as Twitter, we’re asked to add any other valid links so let’s go ahead and do that. I’m going to add a Facebook, Bandcamp and email address link. Let’s hit OK and we’re done for now. At this point we’re told we have to wait a couple of days for the validation process to complete.

The Spotify for Artists Dashboard

After you’re notified of validation you should now be able to access the artist profile page through Spotify itself. Just visit the artist page and hit that ‘Edit Profile’ button on the top banner and log in. Now we have access we can go ahead and customise the artist profile as well as look at stats.

Spotify edit profile button
Spotify edit profile button


#1 – Audience

Clicking on the Audience option underneath the Stats section will reveal your total amount of listeners, number of streams and followers, all of which can be filtered by dates. There’s also a really helpful tool which will let you compare yourself to multiple other artists (this may or may not be good for your self esteem).

Scrolling down you’ll see how people are streaming your music be it in their saved playlists, through the Spotify Radio or other sources. You’ll also be able to note the gender, age, location and related artists breakdown of your listeners.

This is all very important data should you wish to advertise in the future as your audience is pretty much mapped out on this page.

#2 – songs

On the songs section you can note important data such as how many streams individual tracks have had, listeners and the amount saved. It’s a handy way to get a quick glance of how your music is performing.

#3 – Playlists

This is where you can find out if your music has been added to any playlists crafted from users or even by the Spotify team themselves.

Spotify for artists - Playlists
Spotify for artists – Playlists

#4 – Concerts

If you have setup your shows through Songkick, Ticketmaster, Eventbrite or AXS, they’ll appear on your Spotify profile. You’ll then see stats relating to those linked dates in this section.


#1 – Profile – OVERVIEW 

This is where we can start customising our Spotify profile page. If you hover and click over the banner area where your artist name is you’ll then go into edit mode. Here you can now update the header and avatar images. Note that Spotify has included a handy guide for what’ll work best.

Spotify for Artists - Banner and Avatar guide
Spotify for Artists – Banner and Avatar guide

You can also make a selection for the ‘Artist’s Pick’. Here you can include a background image, a playlist and a message. It will appear on the right of your latest release on your Spotify profile page.

Spotify for Artists - Artist
Spotify for Artists – Artist’s Pick

Scroll down the page and you’ll see the Artist Playlists option. You can select any playlists on Spotify to feature and they’ll appear below your releases.

#2 – PROFILE – about 

The About section allows you to upload images, add a bio and add your social links. You can link to other artists within the bio so this may be helpful if you are also a solo musician (like myself) and would like your solo profile linked. You may also want to link other artists you’ve collaborated with.

Spotify for Artists - Images, Bio and Social Links
Spotify for Artists – Images, Bio and Social Links

#3 – Widgets

Finally, in the Widgets section you can create Spotify follow buttons and music players for embedding on other websites, like below!

That’s it! I hope you got something from that and are well on the way to making beautiful Spotify profiles.

Let me know in the comments how you’re getting on or if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading, Ste.