Looking for gigs for your band? Want to find out how to get your music reviewed? Need to choose what blogs to send your music to? Find out here.

In this post I’ve collected a few videos I think are pretty important if you’re a DIY musician. Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel and check out other posts in the DIY Musician Guide.

How to Get Gigs

After you’ve put all that hard work into perfecting your craft, you wanna show it off to the world. In this video I’ll give you some great tips on finding gigs so you can get your music to ears.

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Choosing Which Blogs to Send Your Music to

You want to send your music out to get reviewed. The first question (and maybe the only question) is well, which blogs do I send it to? In this video I go through the process of choosing the blogs that fit the style of music you’re making.

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How to Email Music Blogs & Promoters

So, you’ve managed to choose the right blogs for your music but now you need to get on with emailing them. In this video I go over the do’s and don’ts of just that.

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