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Google’s CAMEOS ON GOOGLE App for Knowledge Panel Owners – Get It Now!

Hey, want to know what ‘Cameos on Google’ is all about and how it’ll be great for musicians? More importantly, want to know how to get an invite to actually use it? Well, stick around for this video.

Cameos on Google Invite

A while back I made a video all about getting a Google Knowledge Panel which I’ll link to here. Well, Google reached out saying I’ve been invited to use this shiny new feature, so I thought I’d try it out and make a little video all about it.

But you know, what is it and how do you get access to it?

What is Cameos on Google?

It’s basically a video making app where you record responses on questions and trending topics. These video responses will then appear within the Google Knowledge panel as ‘Top questions answered’.

How Do You Get Cameos on Google?

Currently it’s available by invitation only but you can request access by downloading the app from the iOS store or Google Play Store and filling in a form. But lucky me, I’ve already got access so let’s jump in and check it out!

Let’s Check Out Cameos on Google

If you search for MrSteJ and check out my Google Knowledge Panel, you’ll find that I’ve already answered a bunch of questions.

And as you can see, I didn’t spend too much time doing mine, I really wanted them to come off real and unrehearsed. So yeah, that’s why I look like a Victorian ghost child.

Now in the App, after logging in with your Google Account you have a Google Knowledge Panel with, you have three options on the bottom menu.

Questions give you two types of category questions to answer – ‘For the Fans’ and ‘Trending Topics’.

Answered displays all of the responses you’ve recorded as well as some analytics at the top which doesn’t seem to be working at the moment.

And the last option is some simple account options which isn’t all that interesting, so let’s check out some of the Questions so we can see how it all works.

So, if I tap on “For the Fans” you’ll see questions you can answer relating to your field.

You might notice that some have a little clock icon on the bottom right which just indicates this question will disappear in a number of days as it’s time sensitive.

To answer, we just tap on the question which opens your camera and you just hold the red record button until you’re done answering. Then it’ll upload and appear within your Google Knowledge panel within the hour. That’s how long it took for me anyway.

As you can guess, same thing goes with “Trending Topics” which you’ll find are obviously a little bit broader but actually really fun to answer, if you’re a nerd like me.

If you’ve decided to answer all of the questions, you’ll have to wait for a few days before new ones are added so it’s worth checking the app often for any updates.

So Why Am I Excited About Cameos on Google?

It adds another layer to your Google Knowledge panel which obviously extends its authority – “hey it’s definitely me!” but it  alsoallows you to give it a little character.

I also think because you’re basically just answering questions and trending topics, it might carry some weight in terms of search results.

Think about it, Google at its core is a search engine so if somebody searches for a trending topic, say for example “where do musicians get their inspiration?” and you’ve answered it, your answer may get ranked.

So, if you’re a musician or any public figure and you have a Google Knowledge Panel, you may as well check it out and answer a few questions. Why not?

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