Hey all. I’ve only gone and created a weekly Spotify playlist. Features some old, some new, all ace. Go follow. New one every Monday.

I’m listening to a lot of new (to me) music these days and I thought instead of just throwing them all into a endless dump of tracks, I’d start creating weekly playlists on Spotify.

Expect new-ish tracks, expect old-ish tracks. Just expect anything. Back in the day I used to love compiling mixtapes (cassettes for the youthsters) and I’ve got the bug again. It’s actually something I’d like to see other musicians do so I can delve into their tastes. Maybe something for a new video?

Why Spotify?

Good question. The simple answer is that I don’t use Apple music (or anything else) at the moment so it’s easier for me to use Spotify. I am thinking about starting a Soundcloud playlist though, so watch this space. The thing I instantly like about Spotify is that you can add a nice little bio to the playlist as well as set an image (as well as the huge catalogue of tracks).

Why ‘Hang the Ste J’ ?

I spent way too long thinking about a name ’cause I didn’t want it to just be ‘weekly playlist’. It’s a play on the Smiths lyric ‘Hang the DJ’ in their song Panic. It’s also a little self-deprecating because I’m in no way saying you’ll like the playlists. Please don’t hang me.

Gimme recommendations

I’m always on the lookout for stuff I “don’t know-but should know” about. Of course, they won’t all feature stuff that’s new to me. It’s whatever I’m listening to that week. So post some stuff below and If I like it, it might make the cut one week.

For now, go follow & listen to this week’s playlist.