In this video I’m going to go through the various ways an artist can get make money using Bandcamp.

If you’re not aware Bandcamp is an online service for artists & labels where you can share your music and earn from it without having to go through a third-party service like iTunes, Spotify etc.

There are various ways you can make money through Bandcamp – so let’s go through them as well as discuss how they make money too.

Setting a ‘Pay What You Want’ Price

When you upload music to Bandcamp you have the option to set a price. This can be anything you like. You also have the choice to let your fans pay more if they want.

So, for example, if you were to set the price at £1 and that box is ticked, a fan who wants to buy the track or whatever it is can pay the set £1 or pay more.

Note, if you do set the price at zero, allowing free downloads, there’s a monthly allowance of 200. This tops back up after a month. You do have the option to top it up manually by buying credits.

Set a Discography Discount

When you’ve uploaded at least three releases to Bandcamp you can then offer a discount for your whole discography. This is a percentage you can set ranging from 0 to 90%. Again, you also have the option to allow fans to pay more if they want. You can find this setting in the profile menu.

If you’ve got quite a few releases on Bandcamp, this can be quite a good incentive for fans to pick up everything at a discounted price.


As well as selling digital music you can also sell physical stuff such as CDs, T-Shirts and vinyl. You can get really creative by coming up with really interesting and unique packages which can also include digital releases.

And again, you have the option to let fans pay more if they’d like to.

It’s a great way to sell your merch as it can appear on the music release pages side by side, so a fan doesn’t have to navigate to a separate page to see different versions of a release.

Bandcamp Subscription Service

Finally, Bandcamp has the option for us to set up a subscription service. With this you can choose to offer a monthly or annual fee to provide all new releases as well as anything from your back catalogue.

You can also include exclusive content such as subscriber only releases, messages, photos and video.

This is a great way to introduce a bit of stable income from your music. I’ll be covering this option in greater depth at some point as I’ve just started my own and want to test the waters a bit before I properly comment on it.

So How Much Does Bandcamp Take?

So, we’ve had a look at the various ways you can make money on Bandcamp but how do they make money? Let’s go through it.

For digital sales Bandcamp takes 15% revenue share. This percentage can drop down to 10% if you reach $5000 dollars in a year and stays there.

For merch sales Bandcamp takes 10% revenue share and for the Subscription Service, Bandcamp takes 15, again with the incentive of dropping to 10% if you reach $5000 in sales in a year.

There also are cuts taken for transaction fees when you use PayPal, a gift card of a credit card.

But in terms of how else Bandcamp makes money, they also have the Bandcamp Pro and Bandcamp for Labels paid accounts too.


And that’s it, I hope that cleared some things up for those thinking about jumping on Bandcamp. I do think it’s worth giving it a whirl if you’ve not already.