This is a new series where I attempt to delve into an artist’s online presence be it their website, facebook, twitter or instagram.

If you think about it, a lot of the bigger bands will employ social media marketers to create campaigns for their brand so let’s see if we can pick up a few tips that we can use ourselves.

In this episode we’re going to delve into the band Muse.

Muse are a rock band from Devon in the UK. They formed back in 1994 and have put out seven albums so far, with an eighth on the way this year. They’ve sold 20 million albums worldwide.

With the upcoming album in in mind I thought they’d be a great candidate to start this series as we’ll get to see how they’re using social media for promotion. So let’s dive into their online presence and try and pick up a few tips.

Grab a brew as this might be a little longer than my normal posts.

Quick Google Search

The first thing I’d like to do before we get into each platform is to perform a quick google search and see what comes up. This could show us what they value the most as I’d like to think they’d be putting the time and effort into making something specific rank in the search results.

Muse Search Result

As you can see, quite interestingly, a subdomain landing page for their upcoming album is ranking first. They obviously want a search for Muse to result in their latest album to appear before their homepage. The meta description text tells a Muse fan all they need to know, basically what the album is called and when it’s out. Presumably when we visit this page we’ll get the option to preorder the album.

Now you can imagine if their objective was to sell tickets for an upcoming tour, that might be the message here instead, and this would be a link to buy tickets.

So What’s Our Takeaway?

If you have your own website and have an upcoming release or something important to shout about, I’d think about including it into your website’s meta description, just like Muse. Maybe just do it on your main website domain as that’s probably working best for you right now.

To do this, you’re looking to set the ‘Meta Description’ which is that bit of text that appears underneath your site’s title in the search results. This can be done in a number of ways, it all depends what your site is built with. For example, my site is built in WordPress and I can set its meta description within a plugin I use called Yoast.

Quick note for those of you thinking about doing this but worried that it might affect your search ranking. Don’t worry as Google says that the meta description isn’t used for this purpose but you obviously still need to make it compelling enough to make somebody click through (nothing changes there!). Also note that it appears to take 1 – 2 weeks to refresh on the google results.

Muse’s Website

Ok enough of that, let’s click through and have a quick look at Muse’s website and try and pick up a few tips.

Tip #1 – Offer a Choice

Muse Simulation Theory Album Pre-order Page

OK so tip number 1…

As expected we have numerous ways to preorder the new Muse album, even on cassette! They even have this exclusive offer which grants you the ability to get early access to tour tickets if you preorder from their own store. So I suppose our takeaway here is to offer a choice and not to assume everybody uses the same platform.

Tip #2 – Support Your Main Message

Muse Website Homepage

OK so tip number 2…

The banner carousel at the top features links to the album pre-order page as well as music videos and streaming links. Our takeaway here is to support your message wherever your presence is. It’s also worth noting that their logo which you’d expect takes you to this homepage when clicked actually clicks through to that pre-order page too. So all in all, it’s all about supporting that main message.

Tip #3 – Build a Community

Muse Website Signup

Ok so tip number 3…

The main calls to action (if we’re going by the widely researched F Shape reading pattern of a website) is the website Sign Up area at the top right and right of the sidebar. I think I’ve mentioned this before but I think it’s important to try and develop a community separate to those on social media networks. The main reason being that you have full control over it and won’t be as affected if say, Facebook’s algorithm changes overnight.

If you think about it, when promoting an upcoming album, you may as well call these people super fans as they’re arguably more involved than those on social media, especially if they’re using the Muse specific message boards here.

This is something I’d like to think about doing at some point for my band. I just keep putting it off as it can be a lot of work. I think a good start would be to create something like a discord channel for now.

Muse on Facebook

Over 16 and a half million people like Muse on Facebook. Well, let’s take a look and see what we can dig up there.

Tip #1 – Localise Facebook Adverts

Muse Facebook Adverts

OK so tip number 1…

This is actually quite a new feature not many people are talking about. You can go into any facebook page and view what adverts they’re running. Muse are running multiple adverts across different locations so it’s definitely worth checking through each ad and getting some tips on the language they use, the type of links, and of course the type of visual content.

Tip #2 – Help Your Audience

Muse Facebook Video

OK tip number 2…

I was quite excited when I came across this little instructional video on their page. It basically tells their audience how to go ahead and pre-order the new album so they can get early access to a new track.

My takeaway on this is to do this for the likes of Bandcamp to show people how to use a discount code, download code or even signing up to a mailing list. If you think about it, most of us just post a link and say something like “download this new track here” so why not go one step further and with a little effort make sure everybody knows what to do?

Tip #3 – Use Facebook Events to Promote Your Release Date

Muse Facebook Events

OK tip number 3…

This is one tip I’ve briefly mentioned in a previous DIY Musician Post all about where to add your live shows and events online. The events section of your Facebook page doesn’t just have to be about your live events. Put your upcoming releases in there too. This is something I completely forget about for my own releases but I won’t forget about it now, having seen that Muse do it.

Muse on Twitter

Let’s move onto Twitter where Muse have just over 2.7 million followers. Not too bad eh? Let’s steal a few tips.

Tip #1 – Support Your Main Message in Your Bio

Muse Twitter Bio

OK tip number 1…

Your bio doesn’t have to be static, meaning that it can be updated with your most important news. You can see here Muse thinks that too as it’s entirely used up with information about the new album as well as a related hashtag.

Tip #2 – Pin Your Important Tweets

Muse Twitter Pinned Tweet

OK tip number 2…

This can be said for pretty much any social media platform where you can do it, but pinning your most important bit of news to the top does a couple of things – puts across the most important information (in this case the album news) and provides a call to action (in this case the link).  I’d think about updating this now and again with updated content such as a music video from the album just to keep that post date a little fresh since it’s the first thing some people will see.

Tip #3 – Retweet Fan Comments, Use as a Brand, Have Separate Member Accounts

Muse Twitter Retweets

OK tip number 3…

If you scroll down Muse’s Twitter timeline, you’ll see a pattern. You’ll see fan retweets, band member retweets and general news. My takeaway on this is that I need to make more of an effort using my band account. At the moment I’m just sharing band vlogs and the odd bit of news.

Obviously it’s entirely up to you if you want to use your brand account as your main account but for me, my personal account is where I can be off topic and chat about films and video games (Destiny says hi). I  kinda think every post on the brand account should support its main objective too, awareness being mine.

Muse on Instagram

At the point of recording this Muse have 1.4 million followers on Instagram so let’s delve in and get a few tips.

Tip #1 – Use a Hashtag in Your Bio

Muse Instagram

OK tip number 1…

I briefly mentioned this about the Twitter bio but I’ll dig into it a little more here. Muse have added the album’s title as a hashtag in their bio for a couple of reasons. They want to inform fans that this is what they’d them to include in their related posts as well as allowing Muse to potentially rank higher in the hashtag search results. This is a relatively new feature within the Instagram bio and I think it’s worth having a play around with if you can make use of it.

Tip #2 – Organise Highlighted Instagram Stories to Support Your Message

Muse Instagram Stories

OK tip number 2…

This is another tip I think I’ve mentioned in another post and it’s a really simple one. When somebody visits your Instagram profile they’ll see your bio at the top followed by your highlighted stories. After that it’s all of your posts. You can see here Muse have dedicated stories to the new album release (which you can’t miss) as well as info about one of its singles. It’s kind of like a makeshift navigation area.

This is something I think I’ll be doing a lot more with my releases as it makes it easier for the fan to get at your most important news without having to dig through your posts. Definitely worth trying out.

Tip #3 – Tell Your Fans Where the Link is

Muse Instagram Link In Bio

OK tip number 3…

This is one tip I think the majority of Instagram users know but I think it’s worth stating. Instagram doesn’t allow us to have links within our posts so we have to make do by guiding people to our account’s bio. As you can see here, even Muse have to use the almost cliched “Link in Bio” line.

Muse on YouTube

Muse have just under 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube. Before we get into it, it’s important to note that they have an ‘Official Artist Channel’ which may partly collect and order some of its content automatically.

Tip #1 – Update Your YouTube Bio


OK tip number 1…

The bio section is sometimes overlooked when preparing for a new release or just in general. I know I haven’t updated mine in a good while and thinking on it if someone were to arrive here and see old news they may think “hey they don’t use this” and go elsewhere. So my takeaway here is to update your youtube bio.

As a side note, I’m not sure how they’ve included this photo gallery. I’m guessing there’s a threshold you have to hit before you get access to this feature or is it part of a new roll out? Anyone with more info on that please let me know as it’s a nice touch (although each photo opens in a new tab rather than pops out).

Tip #2 – Make Album Release Playlists

Muse YouTube Playlists

OK tip number 2…

This one might be a little controversial, especially if you’re not receiving income from adverts running on the videos (as Muse will clearly will be), but hear me out. I actually do this for my own band’s music and we’re way below the requirement to be able to monitise our content.

The reason I do it is to offer people a choice. I never like the idea of giving someone a reason not to listen to my music. Again that’s just me. If you’re looking to put your music up on YouTube as videos but not sure how, make sure you check out this video.

Tip #3 – Encourage Others to Make Covers of Your Music

Muse YouTube Covers Playlist

OK tip number 3…

One of the things I hear from people making cover versions of an artist’s music on YouTube is that they’re often hit with copyright strikes. Here you can see that Muse actively encourages people to create cover versions and celebrates their efforts by including them in their channel’s playlists.

Our takeaway here is to ask others to create covers or even remixes of our music, maybe as part of a competition that helps build awareness of our music and YouTube channel.

And breath, we’re finally done!

What Did We Learn?

The main thing to takeaway from all of this is that if you’ve got an upcoming release, that message needs to be supported wherever you are. I know that might not be an easy task when it’s well, just you taking care of everything.

For the most part, I wasn’t doing a lot of these tips. I’m where a lot of you guys are, learning along the way trying to make use of all of the tools at our disposal.

I’m not saying that utilising all of these tips will work for us all. There’s no magical tip that’s gonna make us all blow up, otherwise we’d all be doing it, but they may help shape your future decisions and make life a little easier.

Let me know if you’d like to see another of these social deep dives in the future as well as pass over some suggestions who it could be.

Please like and share this post/video if it’s helped at all. It’s taken ages to make so I’d really appreciate it. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have to put on the same t-shirt so the video timeline made sense…

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