So, we haven’t looked at a helpful tool in a while (ahem). Picture the scene you’ve just put out a new release but need to tweet out some reminders throughout the night, or when you’re busy out and about. You also want to make sure it’s the best time.

Well in this video I’ll show you how you can do just that with a service called Buffer.

Buffer is a service where you can add social posts to a queue which automatically post out during scheduled points of the day. You can sync up Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and Google Plus… not that I’ve used that in a while.

It’s a great way to spread out alert messages instead of bombarding people with them all at once, so really useful for stuff like “in case you missed it” posts. Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend you use them for general social posts, as they’d be less, well, social.

In this example I’m going to be adding some alert tweets centering around my recent Wired to Follow release. Let’s jump in.

Sign Up to Buffer

Let’s head over to and sign up. After creating an account you’ll want to connect your social profiles. I’ll only be using Twitter in this example but do go ahead and sync up any other of your accounts you want to use.

Set Posting Times

With your accounts linked up let’s go and sort out our posting schedule.

Click on the ‘Settings’ option on the right hand-side menu and choose ‘posting schedule’. You may want to edit the timezone to reflect your own and you can add new posting times to the table below. That table shows times when your posts will go out on each day so go ahead and edit any of them if you need to.

Let’s Schedule Some Tweets

Click back on the ‘Queue’ option on the menu so we can start adding some posts. It’s a really simple process, just input your post, select the suggested media (if any) and click the ‘Add to Queue’ button. Don’t worry, you can click back and edit or delete posts in the queue before they go out.

I’m going to add 5 posts and they are:

  1. Our latest release WTFHQ01 is now available on most streaming services
  2. Follow our complete playlist on Spotify
  3. ICYMI – Watch us chat about our latest release
  4. ICYMI – Our latest release WTFHQ01 on Bandcamp
  5. ICMI – We have an ongoing vlog on YouTube. Come subscribe and support us!

And that’s pretty much it. On the free plan you can schedule up to 10 posts at a time and connect 3 social platforms. You used to get pretty decent engagement stats too but I think that’s either now tied to the paid tier or a new platform they’re working on.

Anyway, let me know if that was helpful at all. See you on the other side!