Want to add another webcam to your stream? In this video I’m going to show you how you can use your phone as a webcam for free.

OK so picture this. You’re a streamer on YouTube or Twitch playing games or doing music shows and you’d love to add another camera to your setup.

You have one webcam and that’s perfectly fine, but you love the idea of showing your game consoles, your guitar or even you cat switching off your SNES. (VIDEO).

The thing is, another webcam costs money which you can’t really justify at the moment but… you do have a phone.

Well, I’m going to show you how you can use your phone as a webcam. And best of us, it’s completely FREE. Let’s do it!

Using VDO Ninja to Create a Camera Feed

First off, grab your phone and in its browser head over to https://vdo.ninja/

VDO Ninja is a free peer to peer video capturing platform which you can bring into your streaming software as a browser source.

So that’s what we’re going to do!

Tap on that “Add your Camera to OBS” button. You might then get a prompt to Allow it to use your camera and microphone, so do so!

You can then pick your video source which in my case is either the Front or Back camera.

Next up, you can choose your audio sources which is going to just be my iphone microphone.

The Digital Video Effects options seems to be a bit buggy on the mobile version, so I’d leave that as “no effects” for now.

Lastly you can optionally add a password just to make your source a bit more secure and then hit the Start button at the top.

This is your cam feed and that link in green at the top of it is the link we’ll need to add to our streaming software as a browser source so copy that down as we’re going to do that now!

Adding Our Camera Feed as a Browser Source

So now we’ve got out link, we’re going top add it to our streaming software a s browser source.

OK I’ve got OBS loaded up but go ahead and load up your own streaming software as there will be a very similar method.

First off, you basically want to choose the scene you’d like this extra cam. With the scene chosen we’re going to add a new Browser source to it.

In OBS you can do that by clicking the Plus icon followed by Browser.

Give it a relevant name and click ok.

Now you want to paste in your VDO Ninja link, followed by the resolution of your stream. Once done click OK and you should now see your camera! To change the size, just adjust the borders around it. Lastly, if you need to flip it… just flip your phone!