I don’t know about you, but I find it hard sometimes to focus on my projects. Well in this post, I’ve come up with a pretty good solution that’s been really helping me out.

In this day and age every bloody thing around us is fighting for our attention. There are video games, social media, cats, game of thrones, etc…

So how the hell are we supposed to get anything done? Well assuming you’ve set a goal then you know what you should be doing. I think goal setting is really important, otherwise you’re just running around like a headless chicken! But getting back on track, for me, the biggest distraction is this bloody thing, the mobile phone.

Yeah, you could just turn it off. You could just delete your social media apps and all that. But you know what, it doesn’t work, for me at least. I just add them back on. I realised I needed to learn to live with it. So, I thought up a new plan, and it’s working a treat.

Just a bit of context. My main goal is to be a self-sufficient musician. Part of that goal is making music, reading about music and listening to music. It’s also about keeping healthy by being active and motivated.

So, let’s jump to the phone.

The Wallpaper

The first thing you’ll notice is the colour. Apparently orange is energetic, cheerful and attention grabbing.  The tag ‘Use Your Time’ came from my wife when I’d asked her for something simple and motivating. So the idea here is that when I switch my phone on, my attention is diverted to this message.

The Dock

I’ve chosen the most important apps that lead me to doing something productive. Whether that’s reading, making notes or listening to a podcast, these follow the same aim – do something.

The First Screen

As with the dock I’ve purposely chosen the apps here. They include a calendar for making plans, voice recorder for noting ideas, a running app to encourage me to exercise and a music app to, well listen to music.

The Second Screen

I call this my ‘utilities’ screen as it’s the kind of things I may need day-to-day but they’re not ‘fun’. The plan here was to make it boring and something I wouldn’t be influenced to open and browse.

The Third Screen

You’ll notice I only have four folders on this screen, numbered 1 to 4. This is where I ‘hide’ all of my the other apps, including social media. The idea here is to bury them here so if I do go hunting I’d have to delve in, introducing another step where I might reconsider and do something productive!

Anyway, Let me know if you have any tips on staying productive or if you’re interested in taking my approach.


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