How to Bulk Edit Music in Bandcamp

In this video I’ll show you how you can bulk edit your Bandcamp releases. This is a really useful tip if you have a lot if music on there!

I’ve just had a sale on a couple of my Bandcamp pages to celebrate ‘Bandcamp Day’, basically a day which Bandcamp was waiving its fee.

Now for this sale I had to go through and edit the prices for each and every one of the releases on there, which could have taken a while considering I have 10 on my band’s account.

But Bandcamp actually has a nifty little feature called the Bulk Editor to help us do all this super quickly, let’s check it out!

The Bandcamp Bulk Editor

Navigate to any release and instead of choosing to Edit, choose the Bulk Edit option.

Locating the Bandcamp Bul Edit Option

Now within the Bulk Editor you’ll have the option to edit title, release date, pricing, about, credits, codes and catalog number of each release.

Bandcamp Bulk Editor options

If you wanted to edit the price multiple releases at once, you can do by selecting the bulk edit option on the top left of the table.

Bulk Editing Multiple Prices

Bandcamp Bulk Editor Limitations

There are some limitations to the bulk editor. For instance you cannot set the pricing for single tracks, just overall releases. If you do need to do that just go navigate to a release as normal and select the Edit option.

Choose to Edit a Bandcamp Release Normally

From there you’ll be able to select different tracks on that release and set things different pricing, notes and artwork.

I hope that helped you out. Don’t forget to check out the other DIY Musician Guides on the site.

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