How to Embed Bandcamp Music on your Website

In this post I’m going to show you how to embed Bandcamp music on your website.

The other day I got this comment on my ‘How to Upload Music to Bandcamp’ video. I was asked “Does the embedded player for other pages seriously only allow you to show one track?”. Well I thought I’d answer that in a video so here we go.

Bandcamp Embed Link

If we go on over to a Bandcamp page, you’ll want to click on that ‘Share/Embed’ link that’s just under the artwork. Some more options will slide down, but we then want to click on the ‘Embed this album’ link.

Bandcamp Embed Link 2

You’ll then get this panel pop up where you can select the type of music embed layout you’d like. For example, let’s click on the big one here on the left.

Bandcamp Embed Layouts

Here on the left-hand side you have all of the options available to customise your embedded player and on the right, you get a preview of what it’ll look like.

Bandcamp Embed Options

The Options

We’ll quickly go through these options so we get a good feel for what we can do.

This at the top here is the embed code itself. That’s what we’ll be pasting into our website which will display our Bandcamp player.

Next up we get to choose our layout. Remember the screen before this one we’re we got to choose which embed layout we wanted? Well these three options are basically the same.

You can see we’ve got the Standard Layout with Show Big Artwork selected. If we untick that box, the artwork disappears as you’d expect. For some reason I always get this issue where the player section disappears after checking that box again. If that happens, just select one of the other options and then come back and it should refresh.

Next up, that Show tracklist box. This basically answers the question really. Can you show more than one track? Yeah you can. Just check that box and voilà. Remember if you’re not displaying the whole track list, then your chosen track will be the featured one that shows up on the display.

Embedding the Player on Your Website

It’s as easy as copying the embed code and pasting it where you’d like it to appear on your website. In the case of doing this on WordPress site, just make sure you’re pasting it into the ‘Text’ view of a post and not the ‘Visual’.

(Watch the video above for the full example)

That’s it! Hope that helps.

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