How to GROW on Twitch in 2022

I’ve been streaming for over a year now and I thought I’d share my best piece of advice for how to grow on Twitch in 2022. This is ideal for those new to the platform looking for some tips on how to get started.

So, recently I notched up one whole year of streaming on Twitch and I have to say, I’ve absolutely loved it.

Now while on a stream lately, I got asked a question from somebody who was just starting out.

They asked how they can grow on Twitch, or more to the point “how do you get people watching you?”

To be honest, I was a little taken aback by this as I’m not big on there or anything, but I thought I’d share my advice on this for what it’s worth as it might help some other people too.

Now I could tell you all the usual stuff like just talk, use social media, have a schedule etc but my advice is to make friends.

To start with, watch streamers you actually like and hang out in their streams.

Basically, I’m saying here use the platform not just as a streamer, but as a viewer too.

Because what inevitably happens when you hang out in communities is that you become part of those communities.

And at some point, when you stream, some of those people may come and watch you. Or the streamer may raid you. Note the word ‘may’ there, as people don’t owe you anything so you can’t go in expecting everyone to jump into your streams day 1.

Now you’ve probably just realised that this isn’t a fast track to “getting big numbers on Twitch”. If anything, I think it takes a lot of time but you know what, it’s really worth it.

I’ve met some genuinely amazing people on Twitch, who are super creative, hilarious and generous.

I mean, it was my 40th birthday last year and they all clubbed together to get me a card where they all wrote lovely messages in. I was absolutely knocked back by that! It was such a lovely gesture and I’ll keep this forever!

What I’m saying is, there’s much more to looking at Twitch as “getting numbers”.

You want to aim to be in communities that care for each other and that will inevitably help you grow as a streamer, not just in numbers but also personal growth too.

You’ve heard the term “rising tides carry ships”? Well, there’s a lot of weight to that on Twitch. It’s not just about you. You want other streamers to do well too.

And Yeah, it probably is possible to do it all alone but in my experience, you’re missing out on the absolute best part of the platform! And that’s connecting with other people.

Anyway, hope that helps. I might do another video which lists a bunch of other things that go with the main advice in this one.

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