I’ve just found out a really cool way of gaining a bit more exposure for our IGTV videos in Instagram. We can actually link them within our Instagram Stories, taking you straight to the video if the person swipes up.

IGTV is obviously really new but I’m loving the effort that’s gone into making it fully integrate with Instagram. I’ve just started making videos for it so I’m really excited to see they’re adding these features so quickly.

For us as musicians, I really think it’s a great time to delve in and have a go but you can see my thoughts about that in my previous video (read here).

I’ll jump in and show you how you can link up your IGTV video to an Instagram story. It kinda goes without saying but you’ll need to have made and uploaded at least one IGTV video to do this, obviously.

Create an Instagram Story

Log into your Instagram account and click on your avatar. I always feel weird saying ‘click’ when using a mobile device but even weirder saying ‘touch’.

This will either display your latest story or give the option to create a new one if you don’t have any current stories. Hit your avatar again if it displays your current story.

You can now choose or take a photo or video for your Story. I suggest choosing something relevant to your IGTV video. For example, I’ve chosen a short clip of me at a record store I visited which I chatted about in the video.

Add Your IGTV Video

On the menu at the top, hit that link icon and choose to add your selected IGTV video. When selected hit Done on the top right of the screen. You’ll get a little confirmation popup that your video is linked when you return to edit your story. You’ll also see that link icon has filled out also confirming it’s linked.

At this point you’ll want to add some text instructing people to swipe up to see your video. When you’re done just hit the plus icon to submit your story.

And that’s it! You won’t be able to check it’s working yourself so if you want to test you’ll have to try it with another account.

The thing that sets this apart from the likes of YouTube is that you can share a link to your IGTV video in your stories whenever you want. With YouTube, once you’ve posted a video that’s pretty much it. So already there’s some potential for growth within the platform rather than having to rely on using external platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to promote.

Let me know if you’re using IGTV and if you’re going to start sharing them throughout your Instagram stories. 

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