How to Make a Social Media Video Flyer for an Album or Gig using Final Cut

Want to know how to make a short video flyer for social media to promote your music or an upcoming gig? Well this is the right video for you then!

A while back I made a video flyer for social media to help promote a new release for my band. It basically just consisted of a message being displayed about the release as the album art zoomed in, all whilst music from it was playing.

Well, somebody asked me how I did it as they were thinking of doing something similar, so I thought hey, I’ll show you in a video as well as some other things you could try.

Video Software

Now bear in mind my video software of choice is Final Cut Pro for all of my videos as it was pretty much the first bit of video software I properly dug my teeth into, so I’ve stuck with it.

But saying that, you can pretty much take the same principles I think about and apply them to whatever software you’re using, be it iMovie, Premiere, whatever etc. Anyway, let’s move onto what we’re actually going to make.

The Objective

Before we jump into the software, let’s plan out what we’re going to do. So recently I started a new series where I’ve been performing live on YouTube and then releasing that music on Bandcamp the next day.

So how about we create a video flyer for the Bandcamp release and another one for the live shows? Let’s do it.

Video Flyer 1 – Promoting a Music Release

What we’re first going to do is make a short video flyer to help promote the release which is on Bandcamp.

The thought process here is that I’d like a short video suitable for the likes of Instagram so I’ve gone for a square ratio. As for visuals, I’m using album art which I’m zooming in on over a short time period. I’ve added background music from the release as well as a visual audio prompt to let people know there is music. There’s also some text that displays informing the call to action.

See the video above 56 seconds in to this in development.

Video Flyer 1
Video Flyer 1

Video Flyer 2 – Promoting an Event

So, we’ve made something to promote the release but how about we make something to help promote the next upcoming event?

The thought process for this one was a landscape ratio size for the likes of facebook. This is using video footage rather than a static image so I decided to zoom in only slightly. As with before I’ve added some call to action text and the audio prompt.

See the video above 10:41 seconds in to this in development.

Video Flyer 2
Video Flyer 2


So, there you have it, it wasn’t too hard was it? It’d obviously be easier to just post an image but I like to think that sometimes it’s worth doing something that requires a bit more effort, cause most people won’t do that so you have a chance to stand out a little more.

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