How to make ART TRACKS in Final Cut for YouTube or Facebook

In this video I’m going to show you how to make a simple Art track video in Final Cut. This is how I make simple art track videos for uploading to the likes of YouTube and Facebook.

NOTE – Don’t upload music that isn’t your own as it’s against YouTube’s and Facebook’s guidelines!

1. Load up Final Cut. If you haven’t done so already create a Library to house our video projects. To do that just click File, New and Library and name it something relevant. We’ll just call it Art Tracks.

2. Now we have our library, we’re just going to left click on the event that’s been created within it so we can rename it, which we’ll call Art Track 1.

3. Then we’ll create a project file within the event, by clicking of File, New and Project. We’ll rename this to Art Track 1 YT-FB

4. Next we’ll just import our music track and artwork which you can either just click the import button, drag and drop them in, or select New, Import and Media. Now we’re ready to create our Art track!

5. Firstly, just drag the artwork onto the timeline followed by the music track, just underneath.

6. Now just click the edge of the end of the artwork and stretch it out so it covers the entirety of the music track. That’s pretty much it! Let’s export it ready for YouTube or Facebook

7. To do that just click the Export button on the top right corner and although you can choose YouTube or Facebook, we’re going to use the Master File which leaves us to choose what to do with it afterwards.

8. On the Master File popup, we’ll name our video in the info section, and make sure the Video Codec H.264 is selected in the Settings section.

9. Next just click on Next and save it somewhere safe. After it’s finished rendering it’ll be ready to upload to YouTube or Facebook!

That’s it, hope that helped! Check out my other DIY Musician Guide videos on other ways to make music videos.

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