How to Post to Instagram from Facebook (without a phone!)

In this post I’m going to show you how to post to Instagram from Facebook using Facebook’s Creator Studio.

Make Sure you Have a Creator/Business Account

Make sure your Instagram profile is a creator/business account and that’s it connected to a facebook page (it can’t be a personal profile). I have a post all about that which will help you out.

facebook Creator Studio

Normally you have to post from the app on your phone but you can now post directly from facebook. You’ll then be able to schedule posts and get analytics. Here’s how:

  1. Head to your facebook page
  2. Click on Creator studio from the top menu (if it’s not on your menu, just click on ‘Publishing Tool’s and then ‘Creator Studio’ within the menu o the left
  3. Within the Content Studio, if you’ve attached your Instagram account to your facebook page, you’ll be able to click on the instagram icon at the top to switch to that format
  4. On the top left menu, click on ‘Create Post’ and select ‘Instagram Feed’
  5. You’ll know be able to select the Instagram account you’ve connected to facebook
  6. Now on the post screen you can enter your caption, location and upload your single photo, multiple photos or video
  7. Tick the ‘Post to Facebook’ box if you’d like this post to appear on your connected page’s feed
  8. If you select the Advanced Settings option on the right you’ll have the option to turn off commenting
  9. When ready click on the ‘Publish’ button to either publish now, save as a draft or schedule

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