Are you thinking about starting a music podcast that you’d like to get on Spotify? Well, that’s this post, simple as that really.

I recently started a music centric podcast based on my live streamed show on this channel. It’s called OK We’re On, check it out!

OK We’re On Podcast

5 Reasons to Start a Podcast

Anyway, after hitting our 10th episode I thought it’d be fun to list 5 reasons why I think other people should be making one too, as well as, you know how to actually do it and get it up on Spotify. This is especially aimed at you if you’re a musician like me (because you know, context).

1. You’ll Learn New Skills

You’ll get to edit audio which you obviously might be doing already if you’re a musician, but this is a little different as you’ll be creating new content for podcast platforms.

2. You Can Talk About Your Projects

As I always say, in my opinion, if you’re not very well known in your space then you have to celebrate your art as nobody else will – and why not, it’s really great isn’t it! The podcast will be another avenue for you to do just that.

Your Projects
Your Projects

3. You Can Connect with New People

You can chat with other like-minded musicians (like me!) and even invite them to your podcast so you can reach out to their audiences.

Meeting New People
Meeting New People

4. It Can Keep You Motivated

You’ll become more disciplined because you’re attempting to stick to a recording routine and so it’s motivating and satisfying to look back on. If you’re like me, you can lose yourself in procrastination mode now and again, so it’s good to have deadlines in place to keep you on track.


5. It’s an Extension of Your Art

Like I always say, everything you do connects to what you make. It’s sort of like the artwork to your music, I suppose. A podcast can be another part of your online identity jigsaw. Because that’s a thing!


What’s your podcast going to be about?

Well for ours, we chat about music topics such as ageism in music, doing music as a job and music formats. But as well as that we chat about the music we like, such as the Beatles or Radiohead. We even manage to chat about Barbie, which is a little weird come to think about it…

Ageism in Music Topic
Ageism in Music Topic

The point is, nothing’s really stuck in stone, we’re still evolving. The plan was just to start and keep going and find our way. And that’s what I suggest really.

If you haven’t got a solid idea to start with but you want to start, just do it and see what happens. Don’t wait for the magical perfect moment fairy. That’s my opinion anyway!

Recording a Podcast

Anyway, let’s move onto the solid actionable tips. Just how are you going to record this amazing podcast?

Well you need to do is decide if it’s going to be just yourself, or with other people in the same room or with others streaming over the internet. There’s lots of options there.

How Are You Podcasting?
How Are You Podcasting?

For me, I’m currently using Streamyard to live stream my podcast on YouTube with my friend Justin. If you want a tutorial all about live streaming with Streamyard, I have a post all about that.

After we’ve finished the streaming, I download the video from YouTube and extract the audio using Quicktime player. I tidy it up a little and add a little intro and outro music before uploading it my podcast host.

A simpler solution for you, especially if you’re on your own, could just be using an app like Anchor which we’ll talk about right now.

Use Anchor to Create and Host the Podcast

Anchor is a super simple solution for making a podcast. It’s a website and an app where you create a profile, upload your podcasts and they’ll get distributed to all the big podcasting platforms such as Spotify and iTunes.


It’s all free, and you can use the website or phone app version itself to record the actual podcast, so it can be a pretty good all in one solution for podcasting.

I’ve been using it for mine from the start and as you can see it sort of acts a hub for all the other platforms, so I tend to share out this link. It has a bunch of stats so you can view performances etc and you can also customise podcast thumbnails and descriptions.

One thing I haven’t utilised yet but I’m thinking about is asking people to send in voice messages that we’ll play on the show. It’s a pretty cool feature but I think I’ll wait until there’s lot more people listening.


One thing I’ll mention there is after you’ve uploaded your first podcast it may take a few days to start appearing on the platforms as it’ll go through some checks. You know to make sure it’s not highly offensive etc. After that’s a pretty speedy process.

Anyway, do let me know if I’ve convinced you to start a podcast. Spotify at the moment is going absolutely nuts about them so it’s a really good time to start.

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