In this one we’re delving back into Apple Music for Artists as there’s been a bit of an update. At last, you can finally upload an artist image, but it’s a bit frustrating but let’s take a look.

What You Need to Know Before You Choose an Image

Just so you know, the image we’re trying to update here is that default microphone avatar we have for our artists when you perform as search in iTunes.

Before we get into how to upload our image, you need to be aware of the requirements as they’re really strict. I actually tried to upload an artist image for one of projects and after being reviewed by Apple it was actually rejected!

This was the image I was planning to use:


Here’s the email I received from Apple:

Apple Music Artist Image Email

So from these points we can gather a few things but mainly, Apple wants to see our lovely faces and the the image has to be of very high quality. A little bit of extra info that comes up later it is that the image also must be an absolutely crazy size of at least 2400 x 2400 pixels and either a JPG or PNG file.

Also, as you can’t have any text in your artist logo, my Wired to Follow logo is out of the question which is pretty annoying if I’m being honest! Especially when you look at Nine Inch Nail’s profile photo hmmm…

Here’s some examples of live artists images, just so we can get to grips with what we’re looking for.

Going by the majority of artist images I’ve come across, the matching factor is that they’re all basically artist portraits. We’d be safe to assume we need to position our heads as central to the image as possible. With that in mind, I’m off to take a photo of myself and Barry of our band Wired to Follow (see below).

Let’s Upload Our Image

Let’s log into your Apple for Artists account and if you’re not sure how to get verified I’ll leave a link to another video I did about that down below.

When logged in click on the ‘Manage’ tab on the right of the menu and scroll down to Artist Image.

We get this bit of info here which confirms some of the points we’ve hopefully addressed before.

Apple Music Artist Image Upload

As you can see we’re now able to scale the image so it fits the circle as we’d like. We’re also told to ‘Make sure all faces are properly aligned within the safe zone or the image may be rejected’ and that ‘Text is not allowed’.

After you hit Upload, we’re told we have to wait for it to be reviewed. I do wish it’d refer to an estimated time rather than “shortly”. I mean, what does that actually mean? 10 minutes? A day, a week? My first attempt for my other project took about 6 hours soooo, expect a cut here while I wait on the review process for this attempt.


Good news, I’ve just received a rather more positive email from Apple saying my photo has been approved!

Apple Approves Artist Image

We’ll quickly confirm that by refreshing the section within our Apple for Artists account.

Apple for Artists Image

And more importantly within iTunes itself.


Finally, let’s check on the iphone app. I actually think it looks pretty cool here and I love the way the tracks overlay the artwork.


That’s it! Yes, it was a little tricky to sort out but we got there in the end. I do recommend doing it as not only will you have a visual presence of Apple Music, but if you’re like me you’ll now have some decent photos you can use elsewhere (yes, I’ve gone and used that photo across all of Wired to Follow’s social media accounts).

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