Uploading to Bandcamp in 2019

How to Upload Music to Bandcamp in 2019

I’m going to be uploading my brand new release to Bandcamp so if you’re looking for a quick Bandcamp guide for 2019, stay tuned.

Early last year I put out a similar video called ‘How to Set Up a Bandcamp Page in 2018‘. In fact that’s really similar, why am I doing it again? Well,  it  actually was set it up for a fake artist (my cat).

So, I thought it’d be quite fun and timely to do it all over again this year with a proper release. Let’s get stuck in!

What am I Uploading?

Some context then. My new release is a collection of all the live ambient guitar ideas I’ve been uploading over the last six weeks. I’ve compiled the tracks, made some artwork and written some notes ready to upload to Bandcamp, so let’s get on with it.

Uploading My New Music Release

Here’s the usual steps I take when uploading a new music release to Bandcamp. Watch the video above to see the example play out.

Naming, Price and Artwork

Bandcamp - Name, Price and Artwork
Bandcamp – Name, Price and Artwork

First of all, I like to give the release a name (well, duh). Then I set a price and upload the artwork. It’s all pretty self explanatory but I like to get these done first just to form the release’s foundation.

Adding Notes and Tags

Bandcamp - Adding Notes and Tags
Bandcamp – Adding Notes and Tags

Then I like to add some notes about the release. Think of this as ‘sleeve’ or ‘liner’ notes that give a little insight into the music. After this I’ll add some tags that can help the release be found on Bandcamp. If you’re struggling for what tags to use for your music, check out a similar artist or Bandcamp’s own tag list.

Uploading Tracks

Bandcamp - Uploading Tracks
Bandcamp – Uploading Tracks

Now on to the most important part, uploading tracks! Unless you’ve signed up for Bandcamp Pro, you can only upload one track at time.

Testing Your Tracks

Bandcamp Draft
Bandcamp Draft

Before we hit that Publish button, choose to save and then view your draft. I think it’s really important to test your music just in case there are any issues with the uploads.

Ready to Publish

Bandcamp - Publish
Bandcamp – Publish

When everything’s been checked and all is good, you can go ahead and hit that Publish button for the whole world (or the three people you know) to check your music out.

The End

So that’s it! By the time you’ll see this video I’ll have hit that publish button and my new release will be live. I’ll leave a link below so go check it out.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions. Also, if you want to see more videos like this, like & subscribe and I’ll see you next time!


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