In this one I’m going to show how you can upload music straight to Bandcamp from your mobile.

You might be in a situation where you don’t have access to a desktop or laptop computer, but you do have your music on your mobile. But.. if you’ve had a look at the Bandcamp app or website you’ve realised you that you can’t seem to upload your music through them…


So, what you want to do is head on over to the Bandcamp website on your phone and login. Now you’ve probably already noticed that there’s no navigation links at the top of the page like the desktop version has but that’s a simple fix. If we scroll to the bottom, we can see a handy “switch to desktop view” link on the right. You can probably see where this is going. Let’s click on that and when the page loads we now have access to all those desktop options we didn’t have before. So let’s test it by uploading something!

So as we would do on desktop, let’s choose the ‘Add’ option, followed by ‘track’. We get the normal upload page as expected but let’s choose that ‘add audio’ option to upload our track. Now bear in mind a couple of things. I’m using an iPhone so if you’re on Android or whatever, the process of how you get the music on your phone might be different. Also, do remember anything you upload still has to be a lossless file such as a WAV or FLAC.

Back to it, I’ll now hit that ‘Add Audio’ option and choose the browse option. This will then allow me to browse locations on my phone including the iCloud Drive or my Dropbox account and Google Drive. Obviously these last two apps need to be installed to show up at this point as well as you having your music track or tracks in them. I have a test track in my iCloud Drive so I’ll just jump in there and select that.

As soon as I’ve done that the track will start uploading. To test it’s uploaded and all is fine, we’ll just name the track and hit the Save Draft button. We should now be able to view that draft to see the track.

It’s looking (and sounding) good so let’s jump back into edit mode and add some artwork. Scroll down and select the ‘Upload Track Art’ option.

We can have a little fun here as obviously we can browse for some ready made artwork, but let’s take a photo instead. When that’s done, hit the Save Draft option and again, View Draft to see where we’re at. All looks good!

Obviously there’s lots of other options to fill in such as pricing, description and credits but if you want a longer general bandcamp tutorial check out my previous video (linked above and below). But for now we’re done!


And that’s pretty much it. I guess the main issue, especially for iPhone users is getting the music on the phone in the first place. I already mentioned that you can add them to your iCloud Drive, google drive and Dropbox so they’ll show up in those places.

You can actually get them on there by being emailed the track and choosing the ‘share option’ and then ‘Save to Files’, then choosing a location.

It’s obviously far easier to do it using a desktop or laptop computer but I can imagine being in situations where you really want to get your music up on bandcamp quickly. Maybe you’ve just played a gig and the sound guy has just recorded the set and sent you the tracks as soon as the gig was over. You could quickly upload them to Bandcamp and share the link around with fans who would love it as a souvenir.