Want to see what Facebook and Instagram adverts a band or artist is running so you can get some ideas for your music campaign? Well in this video, I’m going to show you how to do just that!

As of the time of making this video Coldplay just released a new album but they also announced they’re not touring. So, it got me thinking, how are they promoting it? That led me down the path of checking out their social media strategy including what they’re doing on the old Facebook.

So, I thought I’d check out what adverts they, or you know their ‘team’ were paying for and show you guys how you can do that for just any band, brand or celebrity. Let’s do it!


Ok first off head over to Facebook and navigate to the Page you want to check out. In this case, we’re looking at Coldplay.

Coldplay’s Facebook Page

What you then want to do is scroll down to the ‘Page Transparency’ section on the right and click on the ‘See More’ link.

Facebook Page Transparency Option
Facebook Page Transparency Option

This will trigger a pop-up and if you scroll to the ‘Ads From This Page’ section it will tell you if ads are currently running on this page. Fortunately for us, they are as if they weren’t this would be a pretty pointless video. Anyway, we then want to click on that ‘Go to Ad Library’ link on the right.

Facebook Page Ad Library Link
Facebook Page Ad Library Link

We’ll then navigate to the ads page and you can see the number of ads currently running just beneath the banner. So, for this page, there’s 14 adverts running but not just for Facebook, there’s some for Instagram too. Just look at the little icon on the right of each ad to see which is which.

Now this is really interesting as you can see at a quick glance just when they started running the ads and what kind of ads they’re using on both Facebook and Instagram.

For instance, this video ad is square for Instagram and landscape size for Facebook, but they also have these similar long type videos on both.

Another helpful feature is the ability to filter by Country, Impressions and Platforms. So, if we quickly just filter by Country, say France, you can see they’ve localised the language used in the ad. Some of them even include a more targeted message, like Ireland, using its flag in the description.

Facebook Ad Library Filter
Facebook Ad Library Filter


Anyway, that’s pretty much it. If you are looking to put money into Facebook and Instagram advertising, it’s probably a good idea to do a little research first.

I’ve just used Coldplay as an example, but you might want to look for an example that’s more suited to your genre or niche. Trying looking at the ‘fans also like’ section on Spotify for inspiration.