In this video I’m going to show you how to leave a review on somebody’s Bandcamp page. It’s a fun little feature, let’s do it.

Before you can leave a review on Bandcamp you have to make sure you’ve actually bought the music release you want to review, and you have a Bandcamp fan account.

To get a Bandcamp fan account just head over to and sign up with the email address you’ve bought Bandcamp music with. With that done, let’s have a look at writing a review for a music release with 2 methods, desktop and mobile.

Desktop Method

1. Log into your Bandcamp Fan account

2. With the collection tab selected either search for a music release you want to review or scroll down until you find one

3. Hover over the chosen music release and click on the ‘why do you love this album?’ link

4. Now just enter your review and hit Save to be done

Mobile Method

1. Log into the Bandcamp app on your mobile

2. Tap on the Heart icon on the bottom menu to see your profile

3. Tap on a music release you’d like to add a review to

4. Scroll all the way down until you see the comment box 5. You can now enter your review followed by tapping save to be done.

And that’s it, hope it helps!