Hi, Stephen here with a new guide. Instagram have launched a new app called IGTV for longer videos. Let’s take a look into why this is potentially great news for musicians.

The new app is called IGTV and is especially for long form videos. Apparently, these videos will also show up within the normal Instagram app under the explore tab but it looks as though you’ll need the new app to upload them, at least for noe. These videos can now be up to 1 hour in length! Up til now we’ve only been able to post up to 60 seconds so this is a huge change.

This seems like a direct assault against YouTube and I expect many will come over to try producing content for Instagram as it already has a huge install base.

So what does it mean for us musicians? It means we can potentially record and upload things like entire gigs, music videos, interviews, rehearsals and vlogs. One thing to be aware of is that these videos show in full-screen portrait format only so we’ll have to get really creative with what we come up with. A lot of us carry smart phones which are obviously set for purpose so I see tonnes of scope for musicians to instantly take advantage.

Watch the video above for a quick tour of the app!

Let me know if you’re going to take advantage of this new feature as well as what you’re going to do with it if so.