I recently realised something about posting on Instagram that blew my mind. Our photos don’t have to be square.

If you asked somebody to describe the traits of Instagram one of them would certainly be that it was all about square ratio photos. The thing is they don’t have to be square, they can also be 4 by 5. If you already knew this, great! I didn’t, so why I am so excited about it?

This is amazing because if you post photos of this size on your Instagram feed they’ll take up more space and therefore take longer for somebody to flick by them. It means there’s a bigger chance of your photos being seen. I’ll show you an example. That is until everyone else finds out about it – so let’s keep it between us DIY musicians eh?

You can hop into any graphics editor to do this but for now I’ll show you how to do it in Photoshop.

Cropping the Photo to 4:5 Ratio in Photoshop

  1. Open Photoshop and open the photo you want to edit.
  2. On the tools menu select the crop tool.
  3. Make sure you select 4:5 in the Ratio menu
  4. Now move your crop selection to your desired position and press Enter or double click to crop .
  5. You can now save your image and upload it to your phone ready to post on Instagram.

Posting the image on Instagram

  1. Open up your image in Instagram
  2. Pinch the photo inwards so the whole of the photo is displayed, don’t worry about the white borders – they won’t show in your post
  3. Write your caption as normal and then share. You’ve now posted a 4:5 image!
  4. Here’s a comparison showing that same image at a standard square ratio compared with our new one (see video)

Let me know if you’re going to start posting bigger photos, and remember, let’s keep this between us yeah?

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