Late Night Brew Jan 18 2020

Late Night Brew – AMBIENT/DRONE Jan 18 2020

On Saturday January 18th I performed some ambient guitar music live on YouTube.

I’m really enjoying the format of playing live and then immediately releasing music on Bandcamp. There’s just something very ‘of the moment’ I thrive on as I’ve kind of fell out of love of the routine of working on something for a year, then releasing, only to go away again for a while to start again.

I’m not saying that I won’t be working on more standard releases (I definitely will) but in this format, I hit that balance of creation and release that sits well with me.

The recording of this one turned out pretty well I thought. That’s mainly due to the fact that I remembered to record offline as I was playing. That’s the beauty of this format I suppose, you learn as it evolves!

If you’re interested in the gear I’m using, I’m attempting to keep an up to date list on this page.


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