Late Night Brew – AMBIENT/DRONE New Year 2020 Jam & Chat LIVE!

On Saturday January 4th at about 10pm-ish I decided to start something new on YouTube. I’ve been wanting to start playing live intimate style gigs online for ages now. Each time I thought about the setup involved (audio routing, syncing etc) I just gave up before starting. But not on this day!

‘Late Night Brew’ is basically me with a guitar going through a bunch of effects playing for a while and then chatting to anybody who jumps in, about anything and everything. There’s obviously a brew involved too. This Bandcamp release features all the bits of live music played.

I used to gig quite a bit with the various bands I’ve been in (and are in) but at this current moment in time I’m very happy to settle down as an ‘online musician’. There’s so many opportunities out there for musicians now with the internet at our disposal (you may have heard me bore people to death with that notion in my DIY Musician Guide videos on YouTube). But it’s true! Yes, there’s obviously some more technical things to solve but there’s hurdles with everything you really want to do in life.

Take this one for instance, I know for next time that I might be better off muting the room mic so my guitar plucking doesn’t feed in. I kind of like it though, it added something I didn’t expect. It’s honest. Anyway, you get my point, you have to learn as you do… and all that.

Anyway, thanks for listening. I’m thinking of these doing this every couple of weeks or so and these recordings will be Bandcamp exclusives. Hope to see you in the chat sometime.

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