I don’t really like to rant as I like to think of myself as quite a positive person.

After a run this morning I was compelled to chat about a Facebook message I received last night. That led me on to talk about social messaging in general.

It’s actually not really a rant but more a call for musicians to connect better on social media. I had a message on Facebook from a band recently and all it had was a link to their music. This was so disappointing. I’m the sort of person that loves connecting with other musicians and I just thought it was such a lost opportunity.

When bands send their music out to people, why not try and connect with that person? Why not try to make them feel like they are special and not just part of a list? This is such a waste because they are probably sending this to hundreds of people and will maybe get one good connection with someone. It’s like sending flyers through letterboxes and not bothering to know who you’re targeting. It’s such a missed opportunity to really connect as musicians.

In the same way on Instagram, we’ve all been there where you’ll post a picture and get a random comment from someone who has nothing in common with your life saying, “Hey I really like that post. Come and Check my page out!” I suppose the message here is about giving a little before you expect something back. At least have the courtesy to have had a proper look at the person you are contacting to see if they are your target audience. If I post a picture about music, why would I want to check out a page about performance enhancing tablets for the gym? People don’t like to be advertised at. People want real connections.

Social media is supposed to be about building those connections and those relationships. Don’t get me wrong I’ve been guilty of sending out music links in the past but I’ve learnt since it’s all about meaningful connections.

My final message is just an appeal for bands to use social media to be social and if you’re posting music today, make sure there’s some benefit to the person on the end.

Let me know if you have any thoughts on this!