If you’re a musician on Instagram and you’ve put music out, you’ve probably encountered the ‘link in bio’ issue.

This is where you’re directing people to click on the link on your profile but as it’s Instagram it can only be one link, so what’s it going to be? Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music? Or maybe you’d like an email sign up or even your website link?

Well in this post I’m going to show you a tool called Linktree where you can add all of these options all under one link.

So, what is Linktree?

Well, in their own words:

“Linktree allows you to create a personalised and easily customisable page, that houses all the important links you want to share with your followers on social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and LinkedIn”

So, I’ve just set this up on my MrSteJ Instagram account (come follow me for pics of vinyl, books and Mariah Carey’s scary crisps face).

Linktree for my MrSteJ account
Linktree for my MrSteJ account

If you click on the Linktree link in my profile, you’ll be presented with a mobile first responsive page with all of the important links I want people to see. If you look at the links, it might just be the top one in this case that will need updating each time I upload a video. The others are pretty much going to be fixed so I don’t have to worry about them.

It’s really simple to set up so let’s go through it. I’m going to go through the whole process of signing up and creating a profile for my band, Wired to Follow, right now.

Signing Up

So first off, head on over to https://linktr.ee/  and hit that SIGN UP FREE button and then throw in all your details, making sure to use your artist name or whatever as your Username.

Linktree Signing Up
Linktree Signing Up

Here you can add your name and select up to three categories which will best describe your account. For me I’ll choose ‘Music’, ‘Creative’ and ‘Arts/Entertainment’. When you’re done just complete the CAPTCHA, agree to the T&Cs and move on.

You’ll then get to select the type of plan for your account. I’ve gone with the free one, and if you compare the details between that and the paid, you’ll see there’s tonnes more customisation you unlock with the paid account, including removing the Link Tree logo but I’m not too bothered about that right now.

All you need to do now is verify your account by clicking on the link in the email they send you. When that’s done, we can move on to setting up our Link Tree.

Setting up Your Linktree

So, I guess we’ll call this screen the Link Tree dashboard. If you look at the top right, you’ll see the link you can copy and throw into your Instagram as your website link.

On the left is where we can add our links and on the right is a preview of what our Linktree profile will look like.

Linktree dashboard
Linktree dashboard

Add an Avatar

If we click on the Settings in the top menu, we have the option to add an avatar, so let’s do that now. We can do this by connecting to one of the listed profiles or uploading. I’ll just upload one for now. After that’s uploaded you can choose to crop it by moving the handles on the corners but I’m good with this, so I’ll just hit Save and then Upload.

Linktree avatar
Linktree avatar

You can also change the Theme of your profile which basically changes the background colour and link styles. Let’s head back to the Links option to add our links.

Adding Links

Adding links is as simple as just clicking on the ADD NEW LINK button, adding a title and then your link. When done, you’ll see it appear in the preview on the right.

I’ll just go ahead and add some links. Now for me, I think a sweet spot in terms of the number of links is going to be about 5 or lessI don’t want to overwhelm anyone who arrives here, I want to try and predict what they might choose.

So, it makes sense to put the website and sign up links at the bottom of the list as people would expect to see music ones at the top.

Linktree links
Linktree links


A lot of the features are locked up in the paid account, but you can check out how many times your links have been clicked on if you click on the little chart icon within the menu, just left of the link.

You can also remove a link by clicking on the dustbin, reposition it by clicking and dragging on the three dots, and finally for this example edit any of your links by clicking on the fields.

OK, now that’s all done let’s copy the link and go ahead and add it to our Instagram account.

Implementing the Linktree Link

I’m just going to login on desktop, click on ‘Edit Profile’ and paste in the link in the ‘Website’ field and we’re done!

Just to make sure, let’s check it out on mobile! If I just visit my profile and click on my link, we get to our Linktree page with all of our links. Done!

Lintree preview
Lintree preview


I’m going to use this for a bit as I think it can solve that “link in bio” problem I always have, and I like giving people options if they are interested enough to click that link.

It actually makes sense to set this up for Instagram over say Facebook or Twitter as most people have to use it on their mobiles as that’s pretty much the only way they can upload photos.

Amway let me know if you’re going to try this out or if you’re already doing so.

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