Manage Your Social Media Profile & Banner Images

In this post we’re going to update some social media profile images and banners to reflect things like a new release, an upcoming gig or news.

If you have an upcoming release or any news worth pointing out, I think it’s a great idea to have that be reflected in your social media banners across each the board. It kind of ties the whole message across and makes your audience realise this is important.

An issue about doing this is that each platform tends to change their recommended sizes each year or so it can get a bit frustrating if you’ve already sorted a template.

Well, be frustrated no more as in this post I’m going to go through updating some profiles with the help of Canva.

What is Canva?

Canva is an online image editing software tool that’s free to use but does come with some extra bells and whistles if you throw some cash in. I did a whole post all about Canva and how to use it to create Gig posters, so do check that out because it’s a really good one.

With Canva you can create social media banners at updated recommended sizes, so you don’t have to go trawling through the net googling “what size is best for Facebook?” etc, it does all that for you. Let’s get started with Facebook.

Updating Facebook

Here’s my Facebook page for my Bandcamp record label I recently created. Just for context ‘NewPath Records’ is the profile I’ll be creating social images for. Yours might be for your band or for a solo artist etc.

newpath records facebook page
NewPath Records Facebook Page

Facebook Profile Image

As you can see, we don’t have a profile image or a banner, so we need to create them. Let’s start with the profile image.  I want to use the NewPath logo for but as you can see (in video) when I attempt to upload and set it, the sides of the logo will get cut off so I can’t use this as is.

So, I’m going to import this into a new Canva image project. let’s choose the Logo template which will give me a decent sized square canvas to play with. Now I can choose to adjust the size of the image by clicking and dragging on the blue border here, but I think it’s going to be fine as is with all of this extra space around it. Let’s download the image and try it on the Facebook page.

NewPath Facebook Profile Image in Canva
Creating the Facebook Profile Image in Canva

We’ll just choose to upload the image and zoom out to get the whole logo in and we’re done.

Facebook Banner Image

Moving on to the Facebook Banner, what I’d like to do is basically display the three main recent releases from the label which include MrSteJ, Wired to Follow and MINIONTV. So, I’m just going to take a screenshot of this row on the Bandcamp page, so we have something to play with.

Now back to Canva, I’m going to go with a Facebook Cover template and then import that screenshot I’ve just taken. If I just click on the image it’ll throw it onto the canvas right in the center. As before with the profile image, I’m quite happy with that already so we’ll download it and try it out on Facebook.

NewPath Bandcamp Releases in Canva
Creating a Facebook Banner Image in Canva

We’ll click the ‘Add a Cover’ button and upload the image. Now it’s looks good on the page for now, but I might choose to sharpen it in Photoshop or something later as it looks a little blurry.

NewPath Facebook Profile
Facebook Profile and Banner Images set

Anyway, with that done let’s move onto Twitter.

Updating Twitter

Here’s my Twitter profile for NewPath Records. As you can see, we have no profile image or banner so let’s fix that!

NewPath Twitter Profile
NewPath Twitter Profile

Twitter Profile Image

We already have a profile image we made before that should work really well so let’s hit Edit profile and choose to upload the image.

Twitter Banner Image

For the Twitter banner we’ll jump back into Canva and set up a Twitter Header template. Same as before, we’ll click on our imported screenshot image and then download it. We‘ll now upload it to Twitter as the new header. I suppose I could be picky and say that I don’t like the way the profile image will block the artwork but I actually don’t mind it. If I wanted to, I could always go back into Canva and shrink the screenshot image until it fit. I’m good with it for now.

NewPath Twitter Profile with Images
NewPath Twitter Profile with Images

Other Art Assets

Just before I end this I just wanted to quickly show you some of the other templates you may want to use. You can create YouTube Channel Art as well as Thumbnails, Instagram Posts, Facebooks Ads and Posts, Twitter Posts and even Pinterest graphics.


So that’s pretty much it. I find Canva to be a pretty decent resource, especially when you’re strapped for time or cash. It’s very convenient and like I said earlier, takes away some of the headaches we have when looking to update social profiles. Definitely try it out next time you need to change everything to reflect a new release or something.

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